Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • enihg
    Apr 29, 11:55 AM
    Let's say there's a particular app with stored changes, for example a game that remembers which levels I've completed, but doesn't offer anything to "reset" all this. How can I force it be as it was when I downloaded it for the first time, with no memory of any changes?

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  • jared1988
    Apr 20, 03:29 AM
    wow, thats a nice time lapse Jared!

    not my photo :o im not smart enough to work a camera, and im too broke to get one too

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  • Krafty
    Apr 20, 04:59 AM
    Yellow Fever (, photography by Asian (Street) Impressions (

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  • Reebok4523
    Apr 7, 09:11 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I didn't even know that much storage could exist lol


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  • johnnyjibbs
    Oct 14, 03:56 AM
    Ok, so it seems the developer has kick up a bit of furore on this one.. ;)

    Personally, I don't mind paying the �1.79 again to buy Tweetie 2 - at the end of the day it hardly breaks the bank. I'm not disgusted by it because he needs to keep making money somehow. (Although it looks like this developer may now be quite well off, judging by its ranking in the Top Grossing list ;))

    But I do get this underwhelming feeling when I use Tweeite 2 - as it seems others do - and I think this stems from a few things:

    1) In some ways, the new app is not 'better' than the first Tweetie - the UI is not so nice (an opinion), the speed is not so silky smooth (less of an opinion, bit more fact) and it doesn't even seem to do everything that Tweetie 1 did. In fact, I'm struggling to see - for my uses at least - what this version achieves that the first one didn't. And the implementation is not so nice either. What is the 'killer app' in version 2? :confused:

    2) The idea that it was built from the ground up again. As the developer puts it - "I didn't just add a feature and change the version number. That's lame." Problem is, Tweetie 1 did not have any flaws or shortcomings in its implementation and was silky smooth and fast, at least for me. Tweetie 2 doesn't quite deliver that, which is why I'm left disappointed.

    3) Tweetie 1 had 'wow' factor, Tweetie 2 doesn't.

    4) The new icon is horrible (a matter of opinion, of course ;))

    5) In deleting the first app from the store, Tweetie 1 has been end of life'd. Therefore, this version effectively stifles any upgrades to version 1, including any potential bug fixes.

    6) The new version is underwhelming (did I say that already? :D)

    Of course, one advantage of declaring Tweetie 2 as a whole new app is that it does give me the freedom to 'downgrade' back to Tweetie 1!!! I know which version of the app will be sitting on my iPhone's front page...

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  • Burger King
    Apr 27, 08:20 PM
    I am trying to decide if you are serious. I suspect most people here understand what a cache is. I think most have a pretty good idea about cell tower triangulation. We are the people SJ is talking about. I'm not sure what the point about understanding technology is about - why do we NEED to know how a smartphone does what it does? It would be nice to understand what features can be turned off if we feel it is outside our comfort zone.

    A user may not be bothered about his firewall, he wants it to do what it supposed to. Do you think that the average person would be happy that it sends a feed of the traffic back to the OEM to target the owner for advertising? I seem to remember Belkin had a similar issue some years ago and hurriedly rushed out a firmware update after it was caught.

    There are a few Chicken Littles on this forum who masquerade as mind readers of Apples true intentions pertaining to the use of technical data but obviously need remedial education.
    Hopefully it would enlighten them before they continually regurgitate their same tiring drivel over and over.


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  • nightelf
    Dec 14, 06:35 PM
    iMac G5.

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  • dwishbone
    Jan 9, 04:09 PM
    they updated the Airport Basestation to support 802.11n and a different enclosure (according to the MOSR front page)


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  • TooSmooth
    Apr 4, 10:07 PM
    does anyone know?

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  • ECUpirate44
    Dec 7, 11:00 PM
    Love this movie.


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  • Gromet
    Dec 26, 09:32 AM
    Had a great Christmas...

    I Got:

    Starcraft II
    Star Wars: Force Unleashed II (Xbox 360)
    Toy Story 3 - Blu-Ray
    Back to the Future Trilogy - Blu-Ray
    Making of Indiana Jones - Book
    Disney Imagineering - Book
    Disney Behind the Scenes DVDs
    Netflix Streaming Account - 12 Months
    Tie Clips
    iPad Stulus
    Buckey Balls
    $125 in iTunes Gift Cards
    Star Wars Jedi Vault - Book
    Sonny Bloggie Touch - 8GB
    Glass Double walled coffee Mug
    Stainless Steel Travel Mug

    Parents gave us $2,000.00 Check to do whatever we want with...

    Wife and I got a Tassimo BrewBot and a bunch of Coffee, etc...

    Also got a bunch of stuff for our son (Max) who is brewing in my wife right now (Due in early May)


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  • HiRez
    Sep 27, 05:09 AM
    All I can say is its about freakin' time. Next, how about a dynamic web-based interface for iDisk, so Windoze users don't have to install an application to use it from the desktop, and with the ability to individually password-protect folders?


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  • dime21
    Mar 24, 11:31 AM
    One tip I have for those clients who want to change absolutley every little detail... explain that you are happy to change it all for an extra fee, and you'll even offer a lower hourly rate since you're not being asked to do anything creative, but remind them that they will end up with a site designed by an amateur to their personal, individual taste, rather than the site designed by a professional and designed to appeal to their whole customer base that they've already paid for.
    Agree completely. I've found that what a client says they want, and what they really actually want, are frequently two very different things. Some times you have to go with your gut feeling and design something that you know is the proper way to do it. Then also design exactly what they asked for. Present first the one they asked for. When they start making faces, then present this other thing you put together, and they'll probably love it. That's been my experience at least. Yes, it's more work that way, doing it twice, but most customers simply don't have the design experience to be dictating what it should look like - which is precisely why they hired you.

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  • Appmaniac
    Feb 18, 03:29 AM
    Newest Apps
    Translate pages with Safari Tap Translate
    Euphony � Play the music of one kind or an album at random
    Remember how much medicine you need to take with Pillboxie
    and more ...:apple:

    iPhone apps reviews ( |


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  • JLS
    Sep 6, 06:01 PM
    Watched one episode, thought it was rubbish.

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  • Reach9
    Sep 2, 12:45 AM
    Hey guys, just joined the forums in mid August.

    This is mine for September: (


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  • ranviper
    Apr 5, 12:38 PM
    Wow, that is fricken hilarious!

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  • jessea
    Apr 7, 08:22 AM
    I've been getting "Call Failed" on about 25% of my phone call attempts since 4.3.1. It's really, really annoying.

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  • fcortese
    Oct 10, 09:00 PM
    From a photo I took recently in Northern CA's Redwood forests:

    Sep 26, 09:59 PM
    Looks great, but as my main email account is not a .mac account and POP doesn't really do it for me, I'll only use it if they provide IMAP access.

    The only real reason that I use .mac are its backup and synchronization features which are hardly worth paying $99 a year for. .mac still needs to come a long way to stay competitive and this is reasonable start, but a new interface is only that - a new interface. More space, more features and better functionality are the only way .mac will come out of the dark ages and join the rest of Apple's innovative, first-class products.

    I am not sure if you said .Mac does not provide IMAP access. .Mac has provided IMAP access from day one. Even during iTools days, the mail was IMAP compliant.

    Apr 13, 07:19 PM
    Sorry for the confusion i wsd trying to compsre it to a straight person using the f word as a racist would use the n word.

    fair enough.

    Jun 2, 10:07 AM
    Looks good. :D

    May 1, 12:37 AM
    I agree that "Castle" is a red herring. The iCloud website just announced their new name, "CloudMe." It seems unlikely that a site name change is created unless directed by new management. Also, the url "" redirects to "" I'm guessing this is a juxtaposition of 'iCloud' and 'MobileMe'. Such juxtapositions would make sense if a company wanted to retain brand loyalties.

    Also, if the updated website is any indication, I'd bet the Apple schema will be 3-tiered:
    1. All users-free 3Gb cloud storage with 150MB/file and adverts.
    2. $50/yr-25GB, 150MB/file, NO advertisements.
    3. $100/yr-100GB, no limits on filesize, no ads.

    This way, they avoid the "email for life" fiasco of the earlier .mac, yet retain financial incentive to continue serving cloud services.

    Apr 5, 01:48 PM
    I am thinking of pulling the trigger with some new hardware. As a student, I know a route I can take is the student Apple Developer program. After searching for the ADC store to use the discount I notice its gone! Does anyone know if this program still exists?

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