Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Inspirational Archer without Arms Changes Pontiac Brakes with Feet Only!!

Matt Stutzsman is one truly gifted and talented individual whose attitude should be an inspiration to all. You see, Stutzsman was born without arms. And yet, despite all the challenges, he managed to adapt and do everything on his own using his legs and feet.
The 29-year old man from Iowa, whose birth parents gave him up for adoption when he has was just four months old because they couldn’t deal with the idea of raising a child with special needs (or so they thought), just recently qualified from the U.S. Olympic team in archery!
He also drives a car having obtained his license as a teenager. His adoptive mother, Jean, explains on his personal website:
“The local public school system refused to cooperate so Matt had to take a couple of driving test for a driving evaluator after 2 years of fighting the system Matt finally got his driver’s license,” says Jean. “Matt uses his left foot to operate the brake and gas pedals, his right foot is used to turn the steering wheel, shift the car, turn on the blinkers and adjust the lights,” she adds.
And that’s only half the story; as you can see for yourself in the video below, Matt can even change the brakes of his Pontiac Grand Prix using his feet only!

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