Sunday, June 19, 2011

Volvo Will Axe S40/V50 duo from US Line-up Due to Poor Sales

Volvo will stop selling its mid-size sedan, the S40, and its station wagon “twin”, the V50, in the USA during the 2012 MY. The reason? You guessed it; poor sales. According to Volvo spokesman Dan Johnston, US deliveries of the two models were disappointingly low with the S40 down 29% in 2010, while the V50 fared even worse, with its sales dropping by more than 50%.
"It seemed American buyers weren't looking for that kind of product and for us as a car company, it's not profitable to sell something that has a declining market share”, Johnston told Autonews.
Since the V70 was also discontinued last year, that leaves Volvo with a US line-up consisting of the C30 hatchback, C70 coupe-cabriolet, S60 sedan, the S80 sedan, the XC60 SUV, the XC70 (the only station wagon) and the XC90 SUV.


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