Saturday, May 30, 2009

2010 Ford Edge SUV

Ford Edge is a 4-door, 5-passenger premium mid-size crossover sport utility (SUV) manufactured by Ford, based on the Ford CD3 platform. 2010 Ford Edge -a carryover from 2009- come in 7 trims, ranging from SE FWD to Sport AWD.

2010 Ford Edge SUV
2010 Ford Edge premium SUV
2010 SUV Ford Edge

2010 Kia Soul Mini MPV

Kia Soul is a South Korean-produced, 4-door, 5-passenger mini MPV. It was designed and developed at Kia's design center in California. Kia Soul mass production began in late 2008, with the first vehicles appearing at European dealerships in February 2009 and North American dealerships in March 2009, as a 2010 model.

2010 Kia Soul mini MPV
Kia Soul mini MPV
Mini MPV 2010 Kia Soul

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chrysler Town & Country Family Minivan

The family car Chrysler Town and Country has evolved through five generations, variously in long wheelbase (LWB) and short wheelbase (SWB) versions — though currently only in LWB form. The car featured styling by Ralph Gilles, a six-speed automatic, a new 4.0 L V6 engine are standard on the Limited model — and a system of second row seats that swiveled to face the third row — marketed as Swivel'n Go seating. Engines for the 2008-present generation: 4.0 L (3952 cc, 241.2 cu in) SOHC, 24-value, SMPI V6, 251 hp (187 kW) at 6000 rpm and 259 ft·lbf (350 N·m) at 4100 rpm.

2008 Chrysler Town & Country family car
Chrysler Town & Country family car
Chrysler Town & Country nice family car

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hyundai Entourage Korean Family Van

Hyundai Entourage is a family van sold by Hyundai Motor Company in the North American market beginning with the 2007 model year. Sales of the Entourage have been slow, selling about 2,000 units in its first year, and the Entourage outsold the Sedona in its first model year. Plagued by continually slow sales, Hyundai announced the discontinuation of the Entourage in April, 2009, effective by the end of the year.

Hyundai Entourage family van picture
Hyundai Entourage family van dashboard interior
Hyundai Entourage family van

Toyota Sienna Family Van

Toyota Sienna is a family van currently manufactured in the US by the Japanese automaker Toyota for the North American market only, and shares its platform with the Toyota Camry. Rumor has it that Toyota Sienna will be exported to emerging markets such as China by the year 2010.

Toyota Sienna family van
family van Toyota Sienna interior
Toyota Sienna family van interior