Sunday, June 19, 2011

Silverstone Organisers : What is the Best British Sports Car of All Time?

The fifteen finalists in the Silverstone Classic’s, “Best British Sports Car of All Time” vote-in have been announced, and boy is there some choice picks. Before we get to that though, can I just point out a misnomer in using the, “of All Time” qualifier?
This assumes (prophetically?) that Britain will not be making any more sports cars in the future, whereas, “Best British Sports Car So Far” would be a far more accurate description. But enough with semantics: who are our lucky finalists? Read on….
In the order that I would rate them (with 1 being the highest and 15 the lowest):
  1. Jaguar XK 120
  2. Lotus Elan
  3. MG MGB
  4. Jaguar E-Type
  5. Aston Martin DB5
  6. Lotus 7
  7. Austin-Healey 3000
  8. Triumph Spitfire
  9. AC Cobra
  10. MG MGA
  11. Morgan
  12. Austin-Healey “Frog Eye” Sprite
  13. Triumph TR3
  14. Triumph TR6
  15. TVR Griffith
Event director Nick Wigley describes the competition thusly:
"Britain is famous for its sports cars but no one ever agrees which one is the best. That's a long-running debate we now want to put to rest and where better to settle the result than at the Silverstone Classic, where so many fine examples of these much-loved models will be on show?"
The three day event will feature some 7,000 classic automobiles from over 120 clubs across the United Kingdom. You can vote for your favourite online with the winner to be announced on the 7th of July. Feel free to state your favourite (or pick apart my listing) in the comments section below.

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