Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Latest Technology For The Reason

The car maker carefully whether to jump into the latest technology for the reason that one mistake can hinder good intentions appear mereka. Beside, they are hoping for adoption and mainstreaming of the most viable technological innovations at the new car ini.Teknologi including Bluetooth, iPod integration , hybrid, hard top, powerful and fuel-efficient engines and many lagi.Selanjutnya, ergonomics and safety enhanced by the air bags and more.

Volvo and BMW auto parts are given the system a strong and highly bermanfaat.Volvo, for example, has integrated systems blis, stands for the last blindspot.Yang Information System utilizes the camera in the outside mirrors for the driver to find another vehicle enters the blind spot.Lampu small flashing more alerts the driver when it is not safe to move jalur.BMW, on the other hand, using night vision system with a thermal imaging camera to detect people, animals and objects mati.Bacaan heat from the color word shows cerah.Hal system also uses infrared technology forward then the system can read the road for as far as about 1,000 feet in front of the car without a hitch on the lights.

In connection with the development of diesel, Mercedes-Benz has developed a system called BlueTEC.Ini transmission process exhaust to burn cleaner and produce more emissions rendah.Kendaraan with BlueTEC system will be available in 45 countries.

Incidentally, the climactic triumph when Toyota makes high-end hybrid engines to be part of this clan Toyota.Mesin incorporated in the RX SUV, Prius and sports GS sedan.Lexus will also sell LS 600h L. Said vehicle said to be 'the most technologically advanced' than the car maker.

Other innovative technologies, including MyGIG multimedia system of the Jeep and Chrysler.Sistem Dodgem has the drive built-in 20-GB hard that can store both photos and high musik.Kecepatan USB ports, voice-guided navigation and real time traffic information is also included to make The most functional vehicle.

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