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The complete Summary of auto transport

Auto transport is a transportation method in which the automobiles are transported in truck and People may also use the term truck transport to refer specifically to moving motor vehicles such as cars, boats, and motorcycles by truck. Trucking is a worldwide industry, with companies’ large and small offering a utilizing auto transport services. 

This method of transportation is highly flexible and very efficient. With the development of the automobile in the 1800s, trucks were not far behind. People quickly realized the potential applications of truck transport, combining trucks with trains and boats for complete shipping needs.

2011 Toyota Prius Review

2011 Toyota Prius MPV With Latest Reviews And Prices. Although still preoccupied with the completion of the recall, do not delay the program from Toyota Japan that have been scheduled. Included with the production of environmentally friendly vehicles.

2011 Toyota Prius is not the most comfortable car or the fastest on the market, but the Prius makes up for this mistake with a star rating fuel economy 51/48 mpg city / highway, the highest in the market.

Now that the hybrid market grows, it is important to learn more about the cars in this class thrives. Toyota Prius has been on the market since 1997, and it's come a long way. It obtained generous trunk and interior more spacious, and most importantly, the highest fuel economy ratings 51/48 mpg city / highway all hybrid cars and gasoline in the market.

They were right. From hybrid sedan on the market, the Prius has the best combination of cargo space, interior space and high fuel economy compared to other models. This is also the most affordable. One thing the Prius is not big on performance. Some reviewers say it handles like a tool, and others say it is only good for everyday use. However, if you want faster hybrid, it's a good idea to check out the competition.

Averaging 51/48 mpg city / highway, 2011 Toyota Prius hybrid most fuel efficient on the market, but with 1.8-liter hybrid powertrain that produces 134 horsepower and 105 pound-feet of torque, it is not the most powerful.

There are four trims: Prius II, III, IV and V. Each model receives the same powertrain.

Toyota has not released pricing for 2011 Toyota Prius, but the 2010 model starts at $ 22,800, the position of the Honda Insight which is cheaper and pricier Ford Fusion Hybrid and Toyota Camry Hybrid.

Power of the Prius' biggest fuel economy rating of 51/48 mpg city / highway that goes beyond hybrid cars and gasoline at this price range. To help maximize mileage driver, the Prius allows the driver to select one of three driving modes, each offering different performance characteristics and efficiency numbers: Eco, the most efficient fuel, Normal and Power, the most efficient.

2011 Prius is powered by a 1.8-liter four-cylinder inline engine kilowatts of electricity and motor-60. This powertrain produces 134 horsepower and 105 pound feet of torque, which exceeds the Honda Insight 's 98 horsepower and 123 foot pounds of torque. Prius, however, is less powerful than the Toyota Camry Hybrid and Ford Fusion Hybrid. Combined, 's Fusion 2.5 four-cylinder engine and electric motor foot pump 191 horsepower and 136 pounds of torque, while the Camry has 147 horsepower and 138 foot pounds of torque. But their power comes at a cost, both have fuel economy ratings of 41/36 mpg city lower / highway and 31/35 mpg city / highway, respectively.

Prius will never be a sports car, but always will prioritize fuel economy. Prius does not disappoint in this arena. The EPA says gets an average of 51/48 mpg city / highway, the best mileage for gasoline-run cars in this price range.

New Mercedes-Benz Viano 2011

Mercedes-Benz is a German manufacturer of cars, buses, coaches, and trucks. Mercedes car was first marketed in 1901 by Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft. Mercedes-Benz brand vehicles produced in 1926 the first name, after the merger of Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler's companies into the Daimler-Benz company. Mercedes-Benz has introduced many technological innovations and safety have become common on other vehicles a few years later. And now Mercedes-Benz launched Viano 2011.

The Mercedes-Benz Viano leads its class, setting a new benchmark for large-capacity vehicles. New engine and new transmissions to reduce emissions and fuel consumption while increasing performance. The new chassis offers the ultimate in comfort and driving safety. Cockpit and passenger compartment that is more user-friendly and attractive than ever appointed. Mercedes-Benz Viano instantly recognizable by the "face" her, featuring a star in the style of Mercedes passenger cars today, and newly designed rear.

Mercedes-Benz Viano with "face" of the new Mercedes-Benz Viano presents look more striking and typical, according to the style of the current passenger car from Mercedes-Benz. Three silver-colored bar with chrome radiator grille trim partition, fronting a sporty black grille featuring a diamond pattern. Radiator grille is offset by new reflector lights in a typical design. This reflector has been expanded to increase the light output. Daytime driving lights which come as standard integrated with their own light source in the headlamp's house, along with fog lights.

Different colors also contribute to the altered appearance, with a modern new paint finish complete the exterior changes to the Mercedes-Benz Viano.

Mercedes-Benz Viano continue to offer as the only model in its class in three different body length:

  • Viano compact - length 4763 mm, wheelbase 3200 mm
  • Viano length - length 5008 mm, 3200 mm wheelbase, extended overhangs
  • Viano extra long - the length of 5238 mm, 3430 mm wheelbase, extended overhangs

In addition, Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo camper van based on the old Mercedes Viano with front roof open pop-ups. This roof is also optionally available for the Viano Fun vehicle multi-purpose in the long variant.

All variants benefit from the practical day-to-day management of the Mercedes-Benz Viano. With the overall height of only 1875 mm, rear-wheel-drive every Viano fit easily into a standard garage, parking-story, underground parking and car wash. The same even goes for the Mercedes Viano Viano Marco Polo Fun and pop-ups with the roof closed and the vehicle height 1960 mm.

Viano offers seat covers with a new design for the driver and passenger. Apart from interesting fabrics and stylish nappa leather covers in various colors, new nappa leather upholstery in the Mercedes-Benz Viano who goes by the name Lugano deserves special attention. Available in three colors, finishes wheat and pipe design provides a stylish appearance perfectly. This seat is equipped with decorative trim in walnut finish fine spines. The Lugano nappa leather upholstery comes as standard in the Viano Ambiente and optionally available for Mercedes-Benz Viano Trend. In Fun Viano Marco Polo and skins are available in gray Orion.

New, high-quality interior panels and trim are available as standard on the Mercedes-Benz Viano Ambiente Trend and and as an option in the Viano Fun to beautify the interior appearance and further improve the function of which is an integral part of the Mercedes Viano. The scope of the agreement include optimized storage facilities for goods and carpets. In addition to providing for the appearance of comfortable, high-quality carpet also prevents scratches and knocks when the vehicle came to be used hard - also in the load compartment. Side wall panels and carpets come in anthracite, while the sports center interior color appointment.

Unmatched comfort and safe handling. These developments provide a very precise handling, predictable and safe along with exceptional comfort, the characteristics of current and noise level. The Vanio offers a very high standard of comfort, driving pleasure and driving safety. As long as quality can only be topped with air suspension includes automatic level control on the rear axle, which is still available ex-factory.

Mercedes-Benz Viano is equipped with a new generation of diesel engines from Mercedes-Benz. Hundreds of thousands of these machines have proven their value in Mercedes-Benz passenger car range and the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. Mercedes-Benz Viano new lead environmentally friendly way, with all engines meet Euro 5 emissions standards. Significantly reduce fuel consumption also lowers CO2 emissions to a minimum level model. BlueEFFICIENCY technology that features as standard plays a special role here. Innovative package can not be found in any other large capacity vehicles.

All diesel engines equipped with oxidation catalytic converters, particulate filters and cooled exhaust gas recirculation. Gear new ECO manual transmission offers a wide gear ratio spread for optimal performance and enables low fuel consumption and emission levels. The overall result is an impressive response and acceleration combined with exceptional environmental friendliness, run smoothly and economically. Upper range is the V6 in the CDI, Viano 3.0 that combines the smoothness with an impressive output and high traction strength. The latest version of this engine is also more powerful, more economical and more environmentally friendly.

First announced by referring to a study at the 2008 Frankfurt International Motor Show, the BlueEFFICIENCY technology vision has now become a reality, reducing fuel consumption and emissions in the Mercedes-Benz Viano. Features on board each Viano as standard, as confirmed by the label under the A-pillars. The scope of the package is unique in the class of large-capacity vehicles: the ECO start / stop function (not for automatic transmission), the management of batteries, tires are optimized for minimum rolling resistance, ECO power steering pump, shift point indicator (not for automatic transmission), a pump controlled fuel and internal engine measures demonstrate cutting-edge technology involved.

The BlueEFFICIENCY package which incorporates features such as sustainability and economic standards in exemplary fashion. Further reduce the consumption of traditional fuels low Viano's by 0.2 to 0.3 additional liters per 100 km (6.6 g CO2 per km) on a new generation, according towith model and engine variants .

long maintenance intervals also contribute to economic sustainability and Mercedes Viano. Assyst service computers that come as standard to calculate oil change intervals are flexible according to actual vehicle usage. The average interval in all machines is at 30,000 km or two years. higher profits and also perhaps between oil changes, depending on the intensity of usage and individual driving style.

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2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee The Most Advanced Jeep

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee – is probably best dubbed as an experience in “Jeep Lite.” Meanwhile, a car equipped with new engines, the long-anticipated 3.6-liter V6 Pentastar, our Grand Cherokee was missing something rather important. Based on the M-Class Mercedes-Benz architecture, a fourth-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK2 to those who know) is by far the most advanced Jeep mainstay ever hit the market.

Options and models run gamut, from 4 × 2 base Laredo model with 3.6 liter V6 (like our tester) to 4 × 4, 5.7-liter V8-powered Overlands with high-adjustable air suspension, advanced multi-mode traction control and luxuries such as Range Rover.

The Grand Cherokee was introduced to much fanfare as a substitute for Jeep Cherokee 1993 to respectable, but soon established itself as a victim is able to stand off against the premium luxury SUV. Time was not kind to the Grand Cherokee in 2005 the third generation of its model year, however, who suffered from major cost cutting very diluted his appeal upscale.

Jeep says, but things are back on track for 2011. A now-defunct relationship with DaimlerChrysler of Germany gave access to a range of platforms and technologies in exchange for, well, almost everything in Auburn Hills. Namely, cash reserves, but it would not surprise us if the Germans looted all the furniture, clocks and hot water heaters in Michigan wide headquarters of Chrysler.

Off-road capable SUV with the rapid fall of the market, but our tester 4 × 2 is probably better suited for crossover rival, anyway. If you want to go the way - means that you have selected 4 × 4 Grand Cherokee - Cross store Toyota 4Runner, Nissan Xterra and Land Rover, LR4.

But if you're a pavement pounder interested in a high seating position and decent cargo space, put the Grand Cherokee Laredo like our tester against the Chevrolet Equinox, Ford Edge, Kia Sorento and Toyota Highlander.

4 × 2 we offer the Grand Cherokee Laredo is mild, but still tilt the scales at around £ 4470. That fat does not help curb heavy acceleration, although we found a new V6 will be more capable of moving the Grand Cherokee around.

Rating 290 horsepower at 6400 rpm and 260 lb-ft. torque at 4800 rpm, we know this engine has more power to give. The newly-announced 2011 Dodge Challenger's Pentastar V6 boasts 305 horsepower, for example.

Past the highway requires kickdown from the Mercedes-sourced five-speed automatic (okay, even in the era of six-speed), but in-town driving is rare to accelerate above 3000 rpm.

V6 is smooth and quiet, almost no vibration transmission into the cabin and offers a somewhat high-rpm snarl. If there is, we miss muttered from the Hemi V8 is optional.

But we certainly did not miss when it comes to visit thirsty V8 petrol pump. Our tester returned a solid 23.5 mpg on the highway trek 250 kilometers and never dropped below 18 mpg in urban slogging. That hair above the EPA estimates 16 mpg city and 23 highway mpg.

But where we were very impressed with the steering wheel is the Grand Cherokee. Grand Cherokee had previously been entertaining on the sidewalk, especially thanks to the relative proportion of trim, but the 2011 adds responsive, smooth steering with the package. Surprisingly, the Grand Cherokee provides more feedback and response is faster than its kissing cousin, the M-Class. It was an absolute blast to throw through the byways of our favorite curvy two-lane, even with soft-riding tires. A sports car does not, but the line between off-roaders and pavement pounder getting blurrier.

2011 Dodge Charger Specs And Review

With its iconic character, contemporary fastback four-door coupe proportions, world-class performance, craftsmanship and refinement, and state-of-the-art connectivity features, the all-new 2011 Dodge Charger is the Dodge brand's flagship, and it proudly delivers premium, world-class E-segment sedan precision at an incredible value.

"Dodge is changing the rules of the game, and the all-new 2011 Charger embodies the brand's promise to deliver American performance machines that deliver world-class efficiency, technology, authentic materials and standout styling for our customers, who like us, are young at heart and make driving a priority," said Ralph Gilles, President and CEO Dodge Brand, Chrysler Group LLC. "With its all-new fastback four-door coupe proportions, iconic styling to excite enthusiastic Dodge fans, benchmark performance and precision handling, the latest in-car technology and high-quality execution and materials, the Dodge Charger is loaded with attitude and innovation, and delivers an extreme dose of value."

2011 Dodge Charger received a number of significant upgrades, including fresh styling, high-quality interior materials, engine 3.6-liter all-new and more powerful V6 engine, suspension back again, electric-assist power steering, more standard features and new interface electronics. High-performance SRT8 model has been dropped for now, but it is possible to return in the future.

One of the most significant of these changes is the introduction of the all-new Pentastar V6 3.6-liter V6s that take place outside the model 2.7-liter and 3.5 liter. With 292 horsepower on tap - an increase of 114 hp and 42 hp respectively over the previous V6 engine - This new powertrain be a good alternative for the Charger R / T carryover 5.7-liter V8.

Charger interior has also received a makeover, with stylish looks and soft-touch materials to replace the look soft and hard plastic that gives the cabin the previous low-budget feel. List of standard features and options has increased substantially as well, and now includes the latest high-tech bells and whistles, including services that access the Sirius Travel Link info from a local gas prices for live weather radar image. Equally good is the Cross Traffic Alert system is available that create blind retreat from the parking lot much less stressful.

The change is most noticeable thing new exterior styling Charger's. This new version sports a front end looks more aggressive, striking shells on the hood and side panels, along with a new taillight treatments has 164 bright LEDs arranged in a typical pattern.


As the Dodge brand's all-new flagship four-door coupe, the 2011 Charger exemplifies how Chrysler Group is applying strict targets for world-class performance, quality, technology and refinement.

As Chrysler Group defines it, performance quality measures how well a vehicle performs compared with its competition. Dodge Charger engineers evaluated more than 320 physical characteristics of best-in-class sport sedans from Europe, Asia and North America, and then established criteria for the four-door fastback to compete as a world-class performance sedan. Criteria such as acceleration, braking, handling, seat comfort, quietness, storage space and fuel economy were benchmarked in the team's research.

The Dodge Charger's world-class structural stiffness provides the foundation for its world-class handling and dynamic driving performance. With respect to ride quality, precision steering and performance handling, the Charger was designed and validated to meet or exceed the performance standards of premium brands such as BMW and Lexus.

In addition, the Charger team used Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) principles and more than 4,100 customer "wants," which were integrated in the vehicle design and performance quality targets. Consumer products designed using DFSS generally are expected to better match customer desires and offer higher quality.

Significantly refined compared with its predecessor, the 2011 Dodge Charger was designed to match the noise, vibrations and harshness (NVH) performance of the benchmark vehicle in its class, the BMW 5-Series - a vehicle that costs thousands of dollars more. Evaluations in Chrysler Group's state-of-the-art aerodynamic and acoustic test facilities showed that Dodge engineers not only met their goal, but achieved quieter levels than other E-segment competitors.

To validate the design, Dodge engineers tested the Charger for more than 7 million miles during its reliability and durability evaluation in the company's scientific labs, at the proving grounds and on public roads in various climates.

Engineers also studied and set performance quality targets for more obscure vehicle attributes such as tire wear, door sound, windshield-wiper performance, trunk lighting and outward visibility — among hundreds of other things.

Base Specs

  • 3.6L V6 or flex-fuel engine
  • Automatic transmission
  • Up to 18 cty/27 hwy mpg
  • iPod input
  • Side/Curtain Airbags
  • Stability Control
  • Traction Control
  • Navigation System (Optional)
  • Bluetooth (Optional)
  • MP3 Player (Optional)
  • Satellite radio (Optional)

2011 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Review, High Performance Car

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG is the most powerful version of the C-Class sedan German car maker. Cars give whopping 451 horsepower, placed conveniently in front of the all-new BMW M3. With the number of performance on tap, and prices to match M3, Mercedes looks to steal sales away from at least cross-country rivals.

In the form of Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG new coupé, Mercedes-AMG is presenting a high-performance, autonomous cars that appeal to all senses. Distinctive design is combined with a strong pack drive and dynamic handling. The new coupé successfully joined AMG C-Class family, which includes classic and sedan models of real practical. Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG AMG coupé family plot also increased: in addition CLS63 AMG and the CL63 AMG, Mercedes-AMG GmbH is now able to offer another dream car featuring high-performance eight-cylinder machines. Starting launched in July 2011. Viewing is very interesting is the "Issue 1" from Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG coupé, available from launch with exclusive equipment.

The 3.6-liter AMG V8 engine in the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG coupé provide maximum output 336 kW (457 hp) and peak torque of 600 Newton meters for outstanding performance: coupé that is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds and top speed is 250 km / h (electronically limited). With specs like this, a new two-door vehicle is set to lead in its segment.

AMG performance package for the maximum output of 358 kW (487 hp). This figure also applies to the fuel consumption to produce versions of the performance of 358 kW (487 hp) of AMG performance package. Available as an option, this package increases acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h to 4.4 seconds, with technology transferred from SLS AMG is responsible for the 22 kW (30 hp) increase in output. Forged pistons, connecting rods and lighter crankshaft adopted from the drive's high-tech systems gull-wing model save three pounds of weight. This will reduce inertia and increase agility and responsiveness of revving, naturally aspirated eight-cylinder engine high. Visually, the AMG performance package can be identified by the variable intake manifold titanium gray under the hood, AMG high-performance braking system with composite front discs and brake calipers painted red all round, carbon fiber spoiler lip on boot lid and the AMG performance steering wheel in nappa leather with Alcantara ® grip area.

The AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports transmission provides direct and dynamic power delivery. Mercedes-AMG Transmission exclusive power attractive because it offers a high level of variability and the dynamism of inspiration. The "S", "S +" and "M" mode provides increased agility and selected through a new rotary control which was formed in AMG SLS. changes gear faster and higher revs increase the driver's emotional experience and double-declutching active in the "S", "S +" and "M"mode, further enhance enjoyment. Gear changes in the "S +" and "M" mode only takes 100 milliseconds. RACE START function allows the driver to explore the full acceleration capabilities of vehicles.

Interior which has a high quality and dynamic. On opening the door of the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG coupé, passengers enter the interior, specially designed dynamic quality. Dashboard instrument panels with integrated display immediately remind the new CLS63 AMG. Three sporty, round instruments separately provide information on speed, engine rpm, fuel level and coolant temperature. Another display option is inserted into the AMG main menu. It can be accessed via the multifunction button on the steering wheel. Located in the center speedometer, color, TFT display three-dimensional welcomes the driver with the AMG logo shows when the machine boots.

Special AMG performance steering wheel shape has been adopted from the AMG CLS63. It has leveled the top and bottom, metallic trim elements, grip the area trimmed in perforated leather, and aluminum shift paddles. Trim elements in high-gloss, piano black lacquer on the instrument panel dashboard, center console and door emphasize high quality. Located in the center console is a rotary control to select the C, S, S +, M transmission modes and RACE START.

AMG sports seats with integral head of the new restrictions, EASY-ENTRY system and high-quality AMG badge has a sporty design with horizontal seamlines. Combined Artico / black DINAMICA seat come as standard. DINAMICA is a new type of man-made fibers Breathe a pleasant to touch and be marked with low emissions and high level of lightfastness. The side bolsters of the AMG sports seats in Artico Covered while the central panel of the seat cushion Covered with DINAMICA. Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG coupé is fully mature four-seater with rear seats featuring a horizontal seamlines The Same style as AMG sport seats. To enlarge the trunk, the backrests in the rear of EACH cans be folded down as a standard.

Unlike the M3's small displacement V8, the C63 uses a big 6.2-liter V8. The C63's powerplant is good for 443 lb-ft of torque and 451 horsepower. The torque curve of the engine is just as impressive as its output: from 2000 to 6250 rpm the driver always has more than 360 pound-feet on tap - ideal for powerful acceleration in any engine speed range.

The sprint to 62 mph takes a scant 4.5 seconds according to Mercedes -- and that's likely a conservative estimate: real world acceleration is typically even quicker than claimed times.

Maximum torque of 443 pound-feet comes at 5000 rpm. The torque curve is equally impressive: from 2000 to 6250 rpm the driver always has more than 360 pound-feet on tap -- ideal for powerful acceleration in any engine speed range.

A new seven-speed AMG automatic transmission with paddle shifting provides a wide range of driving modes. The different modes are "S" (Sport), " C" (Comfort) and "M" (Manual). Gearshifts in "S" mode are around 30 percent faster than in "C", and no less than around 50 percent faster in "M" mode.

Basic Specs

  • Base PriceTBA
  • Rear Wheel Drive drivetrain
  • Curb Weight (lbs) 3649
  • City (MPG) 13
  • Hwy (MPG) 19
  • Horsepower 451 @ 6800
  • Torque (lb-ft) 443 @ 5000
  • Wheelbase 108.7
  • Length (in.) 186.0
  • Width (in.) 70.7
  • Height (in.) 56.3

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    2011 Chevrolet Colorado Concept Review

    The show truck features an extended-cab body atop a high-stance AWD chassis and rides on large, 20-inch wheels and off-road tires. It is powered by a 2.8L turbo-diesel engine, which produces a broad torque band for cargo and towing capability. Ad explained by Chevrolet, “the basic proportions and form convey the vision for the next-generation Colorado that we will bring to market.”

    "Thailand is the world's largest market for middle pickup, so this is the perfect location to unveil our new Colorado," said Susan Docherty, vice president, GMIO Sales, marketing and aftersales. "The truck has become a core part of the Chevrolet for nearly all of its history 100 years to strengthen the Chevrolet Colorado. That legacy with expressive design, refinement and capability without compromise."

    Truck show features extended-cab body on high AWD chassis attitude and rides on big 20-inch wheels and tires off-road. Power comes from the engine efficient 2.8L turbo-diesel, which produces a broad torque band for an excellent cargo and towing capability.

    "Although this is a show vehicle, basic proportions and shapes convey a vision for next-generation Chevrolet Colorado that we will bring to the market," said Brad Merkel, GM's global vehicle line executive. "This reflects the stylish version of a new truck, which takes into account the ability of rough reliable trucks for commercial use as well as advanced repair for personal use."

    While the new Chevrolet Colorado is developed in GM's global product development organization, engineers took careful steps to ensure it will meet the needs of local markets. Roberto Rempel, GM's global vehicle chief engineer, lived in Thailand for several months during the development of the truck, immersed himself in the market and observe how the Thai people use their trucks and road conditions they experienced.

    The design of the Colorado conveys strength through bodywork that appears tightly wrapped over the chassis and a wide stance. In the front, Chevrolet’s recognized gold bowtie and dual-port grille are framed by large headlamps that flow into the front fenders, and an extractor vent on the hood.

    “Around the globe, pickup trucks are associated with strength, capability and function – and that’s exactly what the Colorado show truck embodies,” said Ed Welburn, GM vice president of Global Design.

    Pepperdust Metallic exterior paint is accented with polished aluminum details in the fascias, as well as integrated side steps and black-masked projector-style headlamps with LED lighting elements. At the rear is a full-width LED-lit taillamp, which creates a striking appearance when illuminated.

    Additional exterior details include a streamlined “cab collar” design with a body-color hard tonneau cover on the bed; gray accents on the side, front and rear lower moldings and 20-inch aluminum wheels featuring a “liquid metal” finish, with Stone Gray color wheel ports.

    “The interior is designed to deliver a premium and inviting environment, with a greater feeling of spaciousness than is typically found in midsize trucks,” said Welburn.

    “There’s also great attention to detail in the execution of the features you see and feel.”

    The sporty instrument panel features motorcycle-inspired, three-dimensional gauges.

    Contrast trim is used with light-colored leather seats, dark wood trim with chrome accents and low-gloss and soft touch materials used throughout for a premium feel. A number of storage compartments throughout the interior, including the center bin is closed for the concealment of valuables, and the glovebox, a big double.

    Additional features include dual-zone, digital climate control system and the latest in technology "infotainment". Truck show highlights a 7-inch LCD screen ergonomically positioned in the center stack, for easy viewing and intuitive control web access, navigation, music and phone features hands-free.

    Hybrid Cars "Excess Cars SUV"

    Mercedes Benz Hybrid SUV

    Chevrolet Hybrid SUV

    New Hybrid Cars

    Lexus Hybrid SUV
    Hybrid SUV

    Some advantages of electric vehicles is limited, long load times and high costs of maintaining engine power to the battery. Although solar electric cars, which are equipped with solar-charged battery is larger, which is still used in batteries, which are based on the size and weight. Relations with the public, the vehicle must be regarded as a special condition: If at least 300 miles (482 km) to fill without refueling, timely and adequately respond rapidly to traffic. With electric drive, can not be larger than 100 Miles (161 km) on foot of payment, it is difficult to download and in some cases up to 60 miles per gallon at this time.

    Sunday, March 27, 2011

    Honda Hybrid Cars - The Latest Interior Design
    Honda Hybrid Car is now all controls such as audio, Bluetooth and cruise control. A dead pedal is also available to rest your left foot. Honda has cleverly moved the gear lever to the center console instead of making the floor is installed. There were 12 speakers, 650 watt surround sound system with 2 zone climate control and rear seat entertainment package. Not to forget the satellite navigation system. Rear seat passengers are also pampered with a lot of 16-inch video monitor with an HDMI output. Extra width and length may seem insubstantial but then over the model 2010, one in 2011 to get more space. Unlike other minivans, it is a good space for even the last row passengers. AC works well here and even when sitting in the third row, there wasn'ta problem in hot climate regions. For new parents baptized, Honda has cleverly ensures that the second row of seats has a center section that can actually be moved 5.5 inches forward, so that parents do not have to worry about tend to their children. Folding mechanism on the third row seats split 60:40 is also the process that much easier now.

    New Interior Honda Hybrid Car

    Silver Honda Hybrid Car

    Lexsus Car Hybrid SUV - Emissions Environment Friendly

    Lexsus hybrid cars are now not only fuel efficient but this Lexus hybrid SUV is a player who can produce the sparkling up to 270 horsepower with front and rear electric motors are collected by front mounted, 3.3-liter V6 is an internal combustion engine. Of course, with exhaust emissions that are very efficient.

    EPA emissions rating and an electronic-controlled Continues Variable Transmission (ECVT), Lexus RX400h Hybrid SUV comes in a 186.6-inch length, width 72.6 inches, height 66.1 inches and wheelbase of 106.9 inches.

    2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Incredible Crossover

    Mitsubishi has a problem with the current formation. Unless you're looking for Lancer, your choice is limited to middle-size Galant sedan and Endeavor and Outlander crossover. Now, is contemplating seppuku Galant and Endeavor has not been completely redesigned since it first went on sale back in 2003. The Outlander, however, has something positive to offer. It can accommodate up to seven passengers (in emergencies), has been named Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Top Safety Pick, and tops out at 28 miles per gallon on the highway.

    Latest industry trends to be found in the New York auto show is the incredible shrinking crossovers, exemplified by this Juke Nissan and Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. Both vehicles are making their debut in North America. (The Mitsubishi ASX known as RVR and elsewhere on the planet.)

    Mitsubishi know because just two competitive vehicles to choose from is not enough to compete in the industry are eager to fill every niche, and the company appeared to focus on developing two single bright spot in his lineup. Lancer has spawned many variants, the latter being the Lancer Sportback, fun-to-push trains that do not step on the top-trim Lancer Evolution. The Outlander, meanwhile, recently gave a name to a smaller 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, a five-passenger crossover are looking to make a mark in the crowded segment today.

    Of the two, the Juke is a strange but funny looking one, while the Sport Outlander look bigger. We also have to say it was more handsome than the larger Outlander Mitsubishi already in the lineup. With an overall length of 169.1 inches, it's just above the foot shorter than big brother, even though the same wheelbases of 105.1 inches.

    The Mitsu is supported by the Galant-based running gear, with engine, 148-hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder. Now, that might sound a little weak in the jacked-up station wagon small, but Mitsubishi has tried to make this Sport Outlander light as possible. A base model with manual transmission weighs in at an estimated 3050 pounds, thanks to features like front fenders, plastic recycling and extensive use of high strength steel. Losing weight will be an important advance as a balance of performance cars to government fuel efficiency requirements. Mitsubishi Outlander Sport claims that the EPA numbers will get 31 mpg on the highway.

    As usual Outlander, Sport is the front-wheel drive, with the all-wheel-drive is optional. This is a simple on-demand arrangement, transferring torque to the rear wheels when slip occurs at the front. The base ES model has a manual five-speed, a continuously variable transmission with paddle shifters is optional at this level trims and standard on uplevel SE.

    Unlike the Outlander, which has a plastic interior that would not look out of place on Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, Sport has a soft-touch materials in the doors and instrument panel, surprising given the expected starting price $ 19,000. Uplevel SE models have features such as automatic climate control, 18-inch alloy wheels, rain-sensing windshield wipers, heated front seats, and keyless entry system as standard. Options at this level monster trim including sunroof, navigation system with seven-inch screen, and 710-watt Rockford Fosgate audio system kicked. Sport Outlander will be sold in late 2010 as a model of 2011.

    GPS Data Inform To Us Of 20 worst bottlenecks

    Very annoying if we get stuck in traffic, wherever it is located. Even if it was only for a few minutes, the feeling of urgency and anger crept into the hearts and minds quickly. Now, imagine stuck in traffic several hours a day, five days a week. For some people, this is a way of life. To find out who has the worst journey in the country, Daily Beast studied and calculated the Top 20 worst congestion in America.

    The factors that go into a long list including corridor traffic, rush hour travel time of the longest stretches along the road and the time required to drive miles along the stretch of that during peak hours the highest volume. They also calculate how many bad stretch of road during the worst periods of peak hours versus normal driving. California Delta Highway/CA-4 took that honor in a breeze, took 318 percent longer to travel during busy periods.

    The data was gathered from GPS and smartphone tracking of four million vehicles by a company called INRIX, which the Daily Beast compiled into the top 20 list. Now, without further ado, the top 20 worst commutes in the nation:

    1. Riverside Freeway/Calif. Highway 91 eastbound, Los Angeles
    2. Lunalilo Freeway/I-1 eastbound, Honolulu
    3. California Delta Highway/Calif. Highway 4 westbound, San Francisco
    4. I-95 southbound, Washington, D.C.
    5. Bruckner/Cross Bronx Expressways (I-95 southbound), New York
    6. I-35 southbound, Austin-Round Rock
    7. Connecticut Turnpike (I-95 northbound), Bridgeport8. I-405 southbound, Seattle
    9. Bayshore Freeway (U.S. 101 southbound), San Jose, Calif.
    10. Kennedy/Dan Ryan Expressways (I-90/I-94 eastbound), Chicago
    11. I-5 northbound, Portland, Ore.
    12. Calif. Highway 78 eastbound, San Diego
    13. I-494 eastbound, Minneapolis
    14. Southwest/Eastex Freeways (U.S. 59 northbound), Houston
    15. Southeast Expressway (I-93 northbound), Boston
    16. Hampton Roads Beltway (I-64 westbound), Virginia Beach, Va.
    17. Baltimore Beltway Inner Loop (I-695 eastbound), Baltimore
    18. Schuylkill Expressway (I-76 westbound), Philadelphia
    19. North Freeway (I-35W northbound), Dallas
    20. Ventura Freeway (U.S. 101 northbound), Oxnard, Calif

    Saturday, March 26, 2011

    2011 Subaru Legacy Specs And Review

    2011 Subaru Legacy ranks 11 out of 19 Affordable Midsize Cars. This ranking is based on our analysis of 82 published reviews and test drives of the Subaru Legacy, and our analysis of reliability and safety data. The 2011 Subaru Legacy manages to measure up against other affordable midsize cars and remains the only one to come with standard all-wheel-drive.

    Reviews of the 2011 Subaru Legacy are generally mixed. Like all Subarus, the Legacy has standard all-wheel-drive, a unique feature that helps provide added safety and security. Yet, the forced inclusion of all-wheel-drive is a part of what some reviewers complain about. Despite the many benefits of all-wheel-drive, it also negatively affects fuel economy and acceleration.

    Reviewers are also mixed on the Legacy’s styling, which some find unattractive, though most agree that the Legacy offers comfortable accommodations for both front and rear passengers.

    Consumers checking out the 2011 Subaru Legacy should be sure to check out other affordable midsize cars with all-wheel-drive options. The Ford Fusion has been praised by the automotive press since its 2010 redesign and is available with all-wheel drive. The Suzuki Kizashi is also available with an all-wheel drive option. Reviewers praise the Kizashi’s sporty driving experience and premium feel, all of which is available for a reasonable price.

    The Legacy is available in seven trim levels, ranging from a basic 2.5i to a near-luxury 3.6R limited. The Legacy’s base price is a very reasonable $19,995 and comes with standard features such as a digital trip computer, a tire pressure monitoring system, cruise control and keyless entry. For 2011 the Legacy 2.5GT is only available in Limited trim. The 2011 Legacy 2.5GT adds faux carbon-fiber trim on the dashboard, aluminum pedals and silver stitching on the seats and armrest.

    New for 2011, the Legacy comes standard with folding rear-view mirrors. Legacy models that have the optional harman/kardon audio system now come with a three-month trial subscription to XM radio.

    Exterior Features

    • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive
    • Available 4-cylinder, turbocharged 4-cylinder, and 6-cylinder SUBARU BOXER® engines
    • Available Lineartronic® CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)
    • Projector-beam headlights
    • Aerodynamic side ground effects
    • Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC)

    Interior Features

    • Vehicle Dynamics Control
    • Spacious interior
    • Available heated front seats
    • Available Bluetooth® connectivity
    • Available voice-activated navigation
    • Available harman/kardon® audio system

    2011 Hyundai Equus Review And Specs

    The 2011 Hyundai Equus to prove that a Lexus LS 460 in the scene by offering the best value proposition in the luxury flagship segment. We want to see how Hyundai's new range-topping model stand to-day hard day American life, and so we just added one to the Autoblog Garage Long Term.

    The thing about the 2011 Hyundai Equus: It’s the nicest car you’ve probably never seen.
    Let’s cut to the chase here. Let’s just show you the car, because if you’re like most people that I encountered when I was standing near the Hyundai Equus, you’ll have one, two, or both reactions:
    1. What is that car?
    2. It looks nice.
    So here it is:
    Yes, this is a Hyundai that has an MSRP—not including a $900 freight charge—of $64,500. Yes, you read “Hyundai” and “$64,500” in the same sentence.

    People can quibble all day as to whether that should be the case, but as someone likes to say to me with an unassailable logic, “It is what it is.”
    And the Equus is a hell of a car.

    The things that quite luxurious for rear seat passengers, as features such as lying down power and massage functions have been added, and the rear entertainment system, refrigerator, power headrests and illuminated vanity mirrors. And yes, our car did have a lie right rear passenger seat. Check out the full list of our cars on the Monroney equipment.

    Before we proceed, we must acknowledge that we have not organized as we had planned with another update on our two long-term cars - the Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT and the Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup Street. You will hear about the good fortune in the near future so, and to fix this problem with disorder, we will update our long-term is slightly different from Equus.

    This Specification of Hyundai Equus 2011

    • Engine: 4.6-liter DOHC V8 with dual continuous variable valve timing and variable induction
    • Material: Aluminum block and heads
    • Horsepower: 385 @ 6,500 rpm (premium fuel; 378 hp with regular)
    • Torque: 333 lb-ft @ 3,500 rpm (premium fuel; 324 lb-ft with regular)
    • Transmission: ZF 6-speed electronic and SHIFTRONIC manual shift mode
    • Wheelbase: 119.9 in.
    • Length: 203.1 in.
    • Width: 74.4 in.
    • Height: 58.7 in.
    • Curb weight: 4,486 to 4,592 lb
    • EPA fuel economy: 16/24 mpg

    There is are additional goodies for those who opt for the Equus Ultimate (there are two trim levels: Signature for $58,000 and Ultimate for $64,500), of which only two are of interest to anyone but the rear-seat occupants: the forward-view cornering camera (this, presumably, helps when trying to edge out onto a perpendicular street in that there is an image on the navigation screen of the front view with a bit on either side) and the power trunk lid (what can be said?). The other items include a rear entertainment system and increased luxuriation of the rear seats (yes, I just made that word up, but there is no other word for it: what happens when you pile lux on lux?).

    Car Environmentally Friendly Automotive Breakthrough - Hybrid Cars
    Hybrid Cars electric-powered has almost no pollution at all. A car which is free carbon emissions so as it will not aggravate the global warming. But, this dream turned into an urgent need due to the fuel price is skyrocketing. The cars that fuelled by hydrogen or alcohol still need the time for developing; hybrids may be the most widely marketed because it does not require the new infrastructure.

    New Design ESF S400 Mercedes Benz Hybrid Cars

    Friday, March 25, 2011

    Ford Focus Race Car Concept 2011

    Whoever believed that the new Ford Focus was just a boring sedan for everyday use was wrong. And Ford has proof of that statement in the form of the new Focus race car arriving today at the Los Angeles Auto Show. This new concept demonstrates the car’s potential in road and touring car championships with teams around the world, at least that is what Ford is saying. We don’t know if we buy that statement just yet.
    The concept car is powered by a 2.0-liter Ford EcoBoost I-4 engine and features performance coil-over adjustable dampers, Ford Racing upgraded sway bars with adjustable end links, front brakes with 320-millimeter two-piece rotors, and race pads. The concept sits on Anthracite 18-inch wheels and Hoosier race tires.
    The interior also got the racing treatment with an FIA Super 2000 regulations roll cage, Recaro racing seats, an AIM MXL Pista data system, and an AIM Smarty Cam. Added safety features include a Ford Racing fire suppression system and Ford Racing six-point safety harness.
    We’re still not entirely convinced that the Focus race car will make Ford proud out on the track, but this is just a concept as of yet and should serve as a decent base for the production model. Ford is production will be ready by 2012, leaving them plenty of time to build on a good thing.