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Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster Limited Production

The roadcar Pagani various models would not be complete without Cinque Pagani Zonda Roadster, Roadster version of the Pagani Zonda Cinque. Zonda Cinque Roadser is the exclusive car because it only made 5 units by Pagani. And the car that will nampang at Earl Court London and NEC Birmingham is one of them. Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadser release a price of £ 1.3 million or approximately USD 18.5 billion.

All weight-loss measures adopted by Pagani to enhance driving pleasure, performance and emissions of the Zonda Cinque has found use in Cinque Pagani Zonda Roadster as well. Carbon-Titanium chassis has been redesigned to compensate the roof missing.

Cinque experience enhanced with the roof stored in the front hood, when the storms of air fed to the Mercedes AMG V12 678hp engine through the intake of only a few inches above the ears of the passengers', accompanying the exhaust note of the Pagani Zonda Cinque bespoke Inconel and Titanium exhaust system.

Whether you opt for a relaxed country drive in Tuscany's hills, visiting Florence and other centres of the Italian Renaissance, or a record hunt at the Nürburgring, this 1.3 milion Euro + taxes jewel will reward with every day driveability and ultimate performance thanks to the different drive modes of the sequential robostised gearbox and an adjustable suspension setup that feels at home as well at the racetrack as on bumpy roads.

The constant efforts of Horacio Pagani and his team shows once again how art and engineering can be combined in the Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster.

Technical Specifications

Mercedes Benz AMG engine
Power: 678 hp
Torque: 780 Nm
Carbon-titanium monocoque
ECU, Traction control, ABS by Bosch Engineering
Inconel/titanium exhaust system coated with ceramic
Suspensions in magnesium and titanium
Cima sequential gearbox (6 speed), robotized by Automac enginnering
APP monolitic wheels forged in aluminium and magnesium, front 9x19, rear 12,5x20
Pirelli PZero tyres, front 255/35/19, rear 335/30/20
Pagani leather/carbon fibre racing seats
Brembo brakes in carbo-ceramic self ventilated with hydraulic servo brake, Size: front 380x34 mm, monolitic 6 piston caliper; rear 380x34 mm, monolitic 4 piston caliper
Dry weight 1.210 kg
Weight distribution in driving condition: 47% front, 53% rear
0-100 km/h: 3.4 s
0-200 km/h: 9.6 s
100-0 km/h: 2.1 s
200-0 km/h: 4.3 s
Maximum side acceleration: 1,45 G (with road tyres)
Downforce at 300 kp/h: 750 kg

Dodge Avenger 2011 Released, New Photos & Review

Dodge introduced the Dodge Avenger 2011. 2011 Dodge Avenger sedan gets revised exterior, interior, and technical. The 2011 Avenger is equipped with a fresh engine line-up that includes the unit standard 2.4-liter four-cylinder (the company is calling the World Gas Engine), which has been tweaked to offer a greater level of efficiency.

Part re-suspension mixed for more steady maneuver in the streets. One of them is pengendaran lower front and rear 12 mm 6 mm. Track is made wider and wider tires increased to 225 mm of 215 mm.

With the revision in the suspension makes the rider more confidence Avenger 2011 because of body-roll and cut shocks, while the isolation, steering acuity, resposivitas improved.

Two new 2400 cc engine and is offered accompanied Pentastar V6 6-speed automatic transmission. V6 engine spitting out 283 hp power, 20% larger than the previous V6 engine. Torque up 12% to 351 hp. V6 engine is also used Dodge Grand Caravan.

Exterior of vehicles now using a more aggressive line, such as a new front fascia that uses signature Dodge crosshair grille new Split.

As for the interior, instrument panel receives all-new, bezels, gauge faces and a new Dodge steering wheel. Upgraded seats and a list of two-tone color schemes now offer a wider selection. The company also has added new features, such as new interior ambient lighting and a new multi-function three-spoke steering wheel Dodge with integrated controls for radio, cruise control, hands-free phone and other vehicle functions while keeping their hands on the wheel.

List of equipment available today including the voice command function for hands-free phone, integrated USB port for streaming music, navigation and record memos, iPod/MP3 jack, Bluetooth music streaming, music Gracenote identification, a hard drive that holds about 6700 songs and remote began.

Dodge Avenger to be one mid-size sedan, which were sold in the United States. Last year, Dodge sold more than 1.6 million Avenger.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Nissan JUKE 210, Photos & Review

New Nissan Juke, Designed in the UK, the market in question is a B-segment in Europe, designed by Qazana concept car. In Paris, Nissan launched a new CUV, the design that looks fresh, and very attractive outside force, is expected to achieve success. Options are offered in two wheel or four-wheel, with 187 hp gasoline engine in 1600 or 1500 cc diesel turbo, for 2 6-speed manual transmission while the four-wheel drive wheel with CVT automatic transmission. Prices range from £ 12,000.

Key Competitors: Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, Kia Sportage.
Power: 1.6L direct-injection 4-cylinder turbo – 180-hp / 170 lb-ft of torque.
Transmission: Nissan Xtronic CVT with S-mode, 6-speed manual (SV FWD and SL FWD models only).
Availability: Fall of 2010.
Pricing: TBA but will start under $20,000.

Juke is about to carve out a unique space in the rapidly growing compact crossover/hatchback segment with its combination of striking design, agile handling and driving pleasure and user friendly technology,” said Brian Carolin, senior vice president, Sales and Marketing, Nissan North America. “Add in the convenience, versatility and high seating positioning of a traditional compact SUV – and pricing that is expected to start at just under $20,000 – and you’ve got a vehicle unlike any other in its class.”

Think of the 2011 Nissan Juke as a Nissan Cube SUV carrying an optional all-wheel-drive system, abstract (or unique) styling and a vehicle that it targeted towards the young car buyer.

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Cat Car Modification extreme

Creation of the paint. Color of the car depending on taste. Including some people reply to paint his car with the paintings of our yg bikin kepala.Ada shake-creations have all of the paint from the people you included freak.Are you freak too?

Car colors depending on tastes. Including if there are people who paint the car with the paintings makes us who shake my head. The important thing is not have to protest, a car guy.

Car colors on the same below really makes people who see it must have shook his head, his mind must have said "there-there are painting this car."

Specifications Isuzu Panther

Mobil Keluarga, Panther adalah kendaraan serbaguna generasi yang sama cocok untuk membawa beban besar penumpang atau kargo. Panther, yang mengklasifikasikan sebagai kendaraan utilitas Asia (AUV), dikembangkan untuk memenuhi kondisi lokal dalam hal iklim, jalan dan struktur keluarga sebagai kendaraan tahan lama. Panther memiliki reputasi yang baik untuk kinerja, kehandalan dan daya tahan. Model yang sama sangat populer di Filipina dan Vietnam.

Isuzu New Panther seri, diluncurkan pada bulan Agustus 2004 Grand Touring, Touring, LS Turbo, LS, LV Adventures, LV, Smart dan jenis LM. Isuzu New Panther fitur pilihan warna 10 untuk memilih.

exterior that combines sophisticated style of the new minivan with a rough style of an SUV. This luxurious feel combined with a sleek and aerodynamic design. The latest version of Panther facial features with a sporty accent front headlamps, redesigned larger front grille, bumper and fenders. Inside, the Panther offers all the functionality and comfort of a passenger car right. It offers a lot of shoulders, head and legroom.


overall length 4476 mm
Overall width 1680 mm
Overall Height 1765 mm
Poros Roda 2680 mm distance
Foot front wheelbase 1445 mm
Rear foot wheelbase 1420 mm

Gross Vehicle Weight 2150 kg

Model / Type-L 4JA1
Fuel injection system Direct injection
Fill cylinder 2449 cc
Maximum Power PS / rpm 80/3500
Maximum Torque kgm / rpm 19.5 / 1800
Diameter x step kgm / rpm 93 x 32
Tank capacity 55 Liter

MSG Model 5K
Comparison of a 4122 dental
second gear 2493
Three teeth 1504
Four teeth 1000
5 tooth 0855
retreat 3720

Tire & wheels
Tire Size 205/65/R15
Ingredients A 6 Alloy 6.5 fingers

Standard Features
Air Conditioning Single Blower
Radio CD + MP3 Std
Power Steering Std
Power Window Std
Glass Mounted Antenna Std

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Modifications Avanza With Elegant Style

Sport style with an elegant touch, now seems to inspire some young modifier, Fikri Lahzi no exception. For him to be different is a pride, Toyota Avanza 2006 alerts pretty face to make a little bit, not necessary because it is still too extreme for everyday use. However, this arrangement covers nearly the entire exterior.

It's not a lot of modifications, most importantly, let the delicious but simple modifications, "said Fikri registered as private employees in Cikarang area.

Like the exterior given only cut the white sticker and some images such as Horse Dancing on the hood and also the Manchester United team logo on the glass behind the team is his idol. The exterior looks simple, Fikri Avanzanya inspired to create the name of Black Beauty.

In the interior sector, Avanza, as a family car, of course, have a fairly comfortable passenger cabin. But this does not make Fikri satisfied with the standard view of Avanza. The whole joknya coated with full leather interior and other such Autoleather doortrim, dashboard, door handles and other parts are also covered by wood panels Masterpiece. While for the sector, legs, Fikri also improve the system by modifying a little touch of the foot.

Proceed to the audio, Avanza, which also functions as an entertainment center, making Fikri give special attention to the audio sector. Therefore, he gave up the trunk of your car serves as the audio. As the head unit is equipped with monitors indash 7 "as well as audio devices, which are often used devices, such as power amplifiers, subwoofers, midrange speakers Auto Quart tweeters, and capacitor banks.

Year 2006 Toyota Avanza

Owners Fikri Lahzi

Custom exterior cutting sticker, custom body kit, headlamp Esdepo, mufflers Custom, emblem Svarovski

Leg-foot replica of Autocouture 8x18-inch alloy wheels, tires Achilles ATR Sport 215/40ZR 18, sokbreker Ultra GS, per Eibach, damper Valen

Autoleather full leather interior upholstery, semi leather interiors, wood panels Masterpiece

Audio Alpine CDA 9887 head unit, indash TV Monitor 7 "(AVT IM 623), power amplifiers V4100X Venom, Quartz Audio subwoofer 12 inch, 6 inch speakers Venom, Venom Split

Honda Jazz Model Hurricane Modification

Modifying a car to be different has always been a passion of young people today, such as Adi, who liked to modify the car will never run out of ideas. With the concept of pinch JDM Racing, where the use of the whole product Hurricanes, who invested in a white car.

According to Honda Jazz 2008 in sauce output only for the purpose of the demo cars. Design Storm on request, which has several types of products in the body of the storm hatchback model car, "yes, I was entrusted to install a variety of products for each exhibition," said Adi. As Hurricane require modification of the total execution time of one month duration.

First, the body is equipped with several pieces of cut sticker Honda Jazz. Implementation constraints cut sticker is considered experienced enough. "Cutting these stickers to be done right, with installations in the contours of the body without cutting," said Adi. To support its looks, the hood was replaced with the model and replaced with carbon HRE emblemnya hue R. While types of standard lamp was replaced with the type of Honda Jazz Hurricane H4 HID lamps with a capacity of 8000K.

To align the body's appearance, the feet are also updated standards. Peleknya replica producers snagged, diameter 17 inches, which is locked with a bolt Arospeed type. To sweeten the look of legs, decorated with red lips lips. As a packaging design by selecting the tire size 205/45/17R Achilles. While the level of wheel stoppers appliance brands entrusted to the storm.

Honda Jazz is the latest to feel less powerful than the Honda Jazz is the old type. The factors that make pacunya he began polishing the kitchen. In order to do maximum performance machine, the coil system used Vortex Power, "this system can provide greater strength, proof after the dyno test, can add 15 to 20 hp power," said Adi. To stabilize the electrical current used XCS Hurricane 3 volt stabilizer. Then for the media channel cooling air to the engine type to filter water used HRE. Meanwhile, to keep the engine room so it does not easily shaken implant device Hurricane strut bar.

Gloss over the engine, interior modifications continue in the display. interior does not undergo many changes. However, available with some additional accessories to maximize the view to better racing. Call it the back seat of HRE in front of the lift, while the left rear seat standard. In addition to other supporting accessories such as pedal set made of carbon Arospeed type.

RS 2008 Honda Jazz

The outside of the body cutting sticker, carbon hood HRE, Type R emblem, 8000K HID Lamp H4-Storm, mufflers bolt on HRE

Interior seats (front), HRE, Arospeed Carbon pedals set

17-inch rims replica legs, Achilles 205/45/17 tires, rims Arospeed bolts, brake pads Storm

Super-charger engine cyclone, storm water filters, volt stabilizer XCS.3 Hurricane, Mugen oil cap, spark plugs iridium BWS twins, Vortex Power coil, strut bars Hurricane, Hurricane cable body.

2011 Dodge Ram 1500 The Best Pickup Cars

2011 Dodge Ram 1500 remains a full-size pickup leader, with stand-out style, a lot of muscle, and the level of repair is not half a ton of other suitable enough. 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 changes involve new trim packages and accessories upgrades. Added to the SLT trim level is Outdoorsman package that replaces the previous version of TRX and cover a variety of off-road upgrades. Also new is the Longhorn Laramie package, the answer is 2011 Dodge Ram 1500-luxury-minded to the Ford F-150 King Ranch and GMC Sierra Denali luxury models. New features offered include heated power folding side mirrors, new navigation system, and a factory spray-on-bed cargo ship.

Beyond the features tricks, Ram 1500 has more than covered the basic requirements. The player V8S available is impressive, the chassis is suitable for heavy work and the cab Ram is a class leader in design, ergonomics and materials. Perhaps the only weak point is the basic engine, a 215-horsepower V6 is EPA-rated fuel engine is not better than top-dog, 5.7-liter V8 390-hp. Provided you can swing an additional cost, large V8 big jump in performance and ability to work without fuel economy penalty is a no-brainer.

Performance, standard engine on two-wheel drive 1500 Ram ST regular cab and Quad are the 3.7-liter V6 that produces 215 hp and 235 pound-feet of torque. A four-speed automatic standard. fuel economy is 14 mpg city/20 bit and 16 mpg highway combined.

Standard engine on Ram ST four-wheel drive and all of the SLT and Laramie models is a 4.7-liter V8 paired with a five-speed automatic transmission. Output is a healthy 310 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque, while fuel economy with the 2WD is 14/19/15 mpg (4WD drops it by 1 mpg).

Standard Sport and optional on SLT and Laramie trims are 5.7-liter V8 with five-speed automatic. Output of 390 hp and 407 pounds-feet of torque. Fuel economy with the 2WD is 14/20/16 mpg (4WD is 1 mpg less). In performance testing, a 5.7-liter V8-powered 4WD crew cab models went from zero to 60 mph in 7.6 seconds. Maximum towing capacity when properly equipped is £ 10,250.

2011 Ram 1500 comes in three cab styles: regular cab two door, one long-extended Quad Cab with two small rear doors, and Crew Cab body again with four conventional doors. Forum for the 120.5-inch wheelbase regular cab and offers cargo-bed length 6.3 meters and 8 meters. 2011 Ram 1500 Quad Cab and Crew Cab using a wheelbase of 140.5 inches. Quad Cab has a 3.6-foot cargo box. Crew Cab has a 6.5-foot box, all beds are wide enough to hold sheets of 4x8 laid flat.

2011 Ram 1500 back to the various trim levels, from basic work-truck ST, better equipped with the SLT, Sport live, and luxurious Laramie. Added to the SLT trim level for model year 2011 is a package that replaces Outdoorsman TRX previous versions and includes a variety of off-road upgrades. Also new is the luxury package Laramie Longhorn with two-tone paint treatment is unique and rich leather and wood-trimmed interior.

2011 Ram 1500 is still the only full-size pickup to use coil springs instead of leaf springs in conjunction with a solid rear axle. influence is a class ride comfort and chassis control over bumps. Its towing capacity when properly equipped, ranging from £ 3,600 with a gentle V-6 all the way up to 10,450 first-rate competitive with the Hemi.

ST base model with standard cab start out at $ 21,510, but $ 25,565 to the Quad Cab and $ 29,910 with a Crew Cab. Adding 4wd push their price to $ 25,965, $ 29.975, and $ 33,130, respectively (All prices in this review include fee objective manufacturer, paid for the year 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 is $ 900.).

Dodge Ram 2011 SLT versions are priced from $ 25,755 for regular cab and $ 29,835 for a Quad Cab with 2WD and from $ 29,325 and $ 33,055, respectively, with 4wd. Outdoorsman Edition adds $ 2,595 to the cost of an SLT.

With 2WD, 2011 Ram 1500 Quad Cab Sport has a base price of $ 34.800 and starts at $ 36,995 with a Crew Cab. With 4wd, base price is $ 34,360 for regular cab Sport, $ 38,020 for the Sport Quad Cab, and $ 40,174 for the Sport Crew Cab.

2011 Dodge Ram Laramie has a base price of $ 37,580 for Quad Cab 2WD and $ 39,340 for Crew Cab 2WD; 4wd versions starting $ 40,330 and $ 42,485, respectively. Longhorn edition of The Laramie price will not be announced until early in calendar 2011.

Among the price for an important choice, the 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 on ST and SLT models with a price of $ 1,310, rear backup camera is $ 200, RamBox is $ 1895, DVD rear seat video and satellite-TV combo is $ 1,695, and Bedliner spray-cost $ 450. Load them with options, and prices for top-line Laramie models and top-level SLT Crew Cabs can easily cross the level of U.S. $ 50,000.

Honda Odyssey 2011 The Best Minivan

2011 Honda Odyssey with the National Base Price $ 27,800 has been completely redesigned. Highlights include a sleek styling, economy, fuel roomier interiors enhanced and new features such as cold storage box and rear seat entertainment system with surround-sound audio and high definition display. Pricier than some competitors, some of the desired options and features offered only on upper trim levels; dash button-heavy.

Minivan, apparently not a very impressive car but just no longer cool. In recent decades, more and more buyers have been avoiding the stigma of juice-box-and-diapers with purchase SUV crossover. But do not count the minivan out first. It's still the best type of vehicle for large families, and new models like the Honda Odyssey's 2011 promise to make a minivan, if not hip, at least slightly less cool.

2011 Honda Odyssey is offered in five trim levels: LX, EX, EX-L, Touring and Touring Elite. Entry-level LX comes fairly well equipped with 17-inch steel wheels, keyless entry, auto lights, tilt steering wheel-and-telescoping, power driver's seat, third row seat 60/40-split-folding, AC, full power accessories, cruise control and five-speaker sound system with CD player and additional audio jacks.

Performance, Honda Odyssey is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 rated 248 horsepower and 250 pound-feet of torque. The LX, EX and EX-L models send power to the front wheels through a five-speed automatic transmission, Touring and Elite Touring versions get a new six-speed automatic. EPA estimates for automatic version is equipped five-speed 18 mpg city/27 mpg highway and 21 mpg combined, while equipped with his six-speed transmission 19/28/22.

"In testing, a six-speed Odyssey Touring Elite accelerated from zero to 60 mph in 7.9 seconds, which is essentially a dead heat with Toyota Sienna 7.7 in seconds", (

Perhaps the first thing that attracts your eye Odyssey exterior that has been updated, but the most significant changes in it. Odyssey growth impetus has made room for a new second row seats are nearly 4 inches wider than the one in the outgoing model, a change that makes roomy enough to meet three car seats side by side. the middle of the back seat also slides forward 5.5 inches (except on the LX trim) to put a bit of easy access from the mother and father.

Honda designers have also added some clever details, including new console with removable center bag holder handy flip-up garbage and a "cool box" drink cooler built into the bottom of the center of the dashboard that. On the electronic front, the new "multiview" back-up camera offers three driver-selected a different perspective on the area behind the rear bumper. Top-of-the-line Touring Elite models also get new rear seat entertainment video system that includes super wide-screen 16-inch high-definition programs can display two different sources - say, movie DVDs and video games, for instance - at the same.

Role of a Auto Transport Company

When you need to move or relocate your vehicle from one place to another place was one of the difficult tasks but now it is become very easy. When you are moving your vehicle by own you have to face lots of difficulties. You have to drive your vehicle for a long time to reach your destination and you have to spend more time and also you have lost your energy.

You just need to sign up the services of an auto transport companies they will ship your vehicle from one place to another place after charging their fees. There are lots of transport companies present in the marketplace that will help you to transport your vehicles from one place to other. Each company has their advantages and disadvantages you can't say which company is the best.

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How to find the auto moving companies

When you need to your shipping a costly car, a classic, a very old or a standard family car you need to know about the best car transport company to relocate your vehicle from one place to another place and also designed to fit your needs and budget.

There are several various types of auto moving companies that covering a wide range of services including international transport and overseas shipping, transport of custom built automobiles, antique autos, classic cars, luxury cars. car transporters companies can easily find by the following titles.

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Audi s5 cars pictures

Audi s5 pictures
Audi s5 interior
Audi s5 cars
Audi s5 back view
Audi s5 on road
Audi s5 white
Audi s5 on honeymoon
Audi s5 wallpapers

Specifications New Kijang Innova

The more popular family vehicles in the Indonesian market push launched three new variants of Toyota Kijang Innova, namely the type of EA / T, G Luxury, and V Luxury, in the arena of The 18th Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2010, Kemayoran, Jakarta. As reported earlier, the Kijang Innova is one of Toyota's best-selling
vehicle in the event the IIMS 2010 after as many as 394 units sold on Tuesday (27 / 7), five days after the biggest automotive exhibition in Jakarta was officially opened.Toyota Kijang Innova has been present in Indonesia for more than 30 years. This family car has been present since 1977 and Kijang Innova is the fifth generation of family that has accompanied Indonesia travel.

Actual generation of the Toyota Kijang have five generations
1977 - 1980
1981 - 1985
1986 - 1996
1997 - 2004
2004 - present

The first. The car was first introduced on June 9, 1977 in a very simple form. Half-door pickup box, with side windows made of tarpaulin and plastic. Hinge door looks from the outside. Known as the Kijang Buaya 3K equipped with 1.2-liter engine. Called this car as Kijang Buaya Because the hood Can be opened up to the side. The sales of Deer Crocodile reached 26.806 units.

What to 5 until now. This is the latest generation of Toyota Kijang That Experienced changes more beautiful in all its aspects, both interior and exterior. It's a Beautiful Revolution. In this model, the Toyota Kijang Innova Called peace. Since the introduction in end of 2004, the car sold more than 230 thousand units. Until now, Toyota Kijang Innova is a market leader in the Medium MPV segment.

Technology D-4D engine, generating maximum performance, vibration and sound smooth, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

1 TR-FE VVTI DOHC 2.0 Liter, 4-Cylinder, 16 Valve
Maximum power 136 PS (100Kw) / 5600rpm
Torque Maksimumj18, 6 kg-m / 4.000rpm
There is always a torque at low speed or high, making a pleasant stay innova deer in all driving conditions.