Monday, June 6, 2011

victoria beckham legs

victoria beckham legs. VICTORIA BECKHAM#39;S LEG RACE

  • akswun
    Apr 29, 08:26 AM
    Don't think so.... you're going to need a mixer to cue it up.

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  • Knees up: Victoria Beckham#39;s

  • lvlarkkoenen
    Apr 25, 02:35 AM
    Does "I have no desire for a smartphone" go under "already have other phone" or under "undecided/other"?

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  • #39;Mrs Beckham#39; robe ripped off

  • winterspan
    Mar 25, 01:38 PM
    Why not? The USA for example has only 4 million miles of roads. A car with driver + passenger + some decent equipment should be able to map say 10 miles per hour, at a cost of $50 per hour. 200 cars for a year, that's 20 million dollars. And then you have a database that you can sell, and that you can use everywhere. Then write an iPhone app that lets users make corrections, lets businesses add their locations etc. and you are ready.

    Is this well-veiled sarcasm? If not, you guys are ridiculous.

    1) Google does not own the mapping database they use
    2) Even if they did, there are multiple geographic/mapping data providers
    3) None of them obtained their data by having employees drive around in vehicles... That's an absurd suggestion

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  • Gym bunny: Victoria Beckham

  • elbirth
    Jan 9, 03:11 PM
    This keynote was a huge letdown for me. Sure I think the iPhone looks amazing and it has me considering a switch to Cingular to get one.
    When I saw that the keynote was going to be 2 hours this time, I was super stoked. I just knew it was going to be jam-packed with new products, speed bumps on the computer lines, demos of leopard and iLife, etc. he spent 2 WHOLE HOURS talking about 2 products. I simply can't believe that. I know Steve wants to pimp out the iPhone as much as possible, but come on. Where was the "one more thing", etc? Sure there were really 3 things with the airport basestation being thrown in there without an announcement, but NOTHING that was discussed is available for immediate shipping.

    I've been anticipating this for months since the announcement of quad core processors in hopes of getting an 8 core Mac Pro on order today. I've been saving up and keeping my credit clear just for that purchase and I've been extremely disappointed.

    My only hope now is that since the quad cores are being released this week that they'll do a refresh soon down the line.


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  • hate Victoria Beckham.

  • rwh202
    Mar 5, 09:58 AM
    Well the one that came with my chip was this one:

    So I wouldn't have any big expectations for that. Good thing I'm not using it.

    Yeah, that's what came with mine - its the same as what came with all the previous socket 1156 CPUs by the look of it.

    I think some of the early review samples did come with a better cooler - a tower cooler like the one from the hexacore 1366 CPUs. It's a shame they didn't continue to supply them with the k series as standard.

    Anyway, good luck with the overclock. That CM cooler should be plenty good enough.

    All the best

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  • Victoria Beckham Has Legs

  • Huntn
    Mar 4, 10:55 AM
    My problem with it isn't that businesses and people are in it for a profit (well, in certain areas). Hey, you got to make something. It's that the only thing that matters is the highest profit possible, at all costs.

    That's when it's a problem. If you look at Policemen and Firemen, they get paid, they make money, but how much would our costs go up if these entities were for-profit? My guess substantially. Doctors have always have made a profit, they'd have to, to make a living. But it's the degree of profit. Big business seems to be bad for health care as the profit margins rise.


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  • Victoria Beckham and Marc

  • TonyC28
    Mar 26, 09:01 PM
    How is it a scam? For one, the title is misleading. That's the first reason why the buyer won't have to pay a dime. The other is the category that the item was listed under. It's funny, but I doubt this person will owe anybody a dime.

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  • Victoria Beckham wants her

  • BC2009
    Apr 6, 12:10 PM
    Only in this one:

    1.21 Petawatts!!!!!


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  • legs shoes

  • hardon
    Jun 28, 08:42 AM

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  • Victoria Beckham has freaky

  • iDisk
    Mar 23, 12:06 PM
    Serlet, is a pure (if you will) technical computer engineer... He get enjoyment about scientific computation, advanced algorithms, multi-threaded efficiency. The guy was nicknamed the "mad scientist" by Jobs himself, not because of his appearance, but because of he advanced studies in engineering and scientific computation.

    He's like the man in the tech French community.

    I can understand why he may want to leave, he's been gradually selling off his stock of Apple in recent years as well, so this makes sense.

    Apple is more iOS then OS X and since Forstall heads the iOS development, there was no viable way Bertrand could have stayed on when Apple decided to merge the OS's.

    I say it's a big loss for Apple. Though Craig should be a pleasant transition, and maybe a more frequent keynote speaker, since he's more understandable to the public.

    Serlet will be missed. He's pretty much one of the Core brains behind OS X


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  • kdarling
    May 4, 09:16 PM
    All of a sudden I'm getting this error, which causes my IE8 work PC to hang with Window Busy all the time:

    Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; GTB6; .NET CLR 1.0.3705; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; MS-RTC LM 8)
    Timestamp: Thu, 5 May 2011 02:02:38 UTC

    Message: Could not complete the operation due to error 800a03e8.
    Line: 11
    Char: 1
    Code: 0

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  • The Samurai
    Apr 19, 05:47 AM
    I've tried googling drivers for this device (USB to Ethernet). Anyone know how I can get it to work / where I can get drivers from?



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  • lukefinch
    Sep 5, 03:50 PM
    Nice and clean at the moment :D

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  • Hisdem
    Apr 9, 01:16 PM
    Saw this in the dealership today. I want one. Who knows, when I have $118,000 I might give it a try :p (
    Yellow Beast ( by Hisdem (, on Flickr


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  • vong
    Oct 10, 07:57 PM

    i need to buy candy bar :(

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  • Merthyrboy
    Nov 11, 10:21 AM
    Given the length of the original message and the terseness of Jobs' reply, it suggests that either he doesn't give a crap, or the iPad's virtual keyboard is a bit pants to type on.

    Or he was in the middle of a game of angry birds and decided to just send a quick reply so he could try and finish the level which he can't get 3 stars on


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  • Chip NoVaMac
    Sep 26, 08:01 PM
    I may be in the minority, but the rule around here is that you obey whoever pays the bills. That means that if you're still living under your parents' roof (or you're depending on them to pay the tuition, room, and board), then you live by their rules.

    Same rule here, under a different saying - my way or the highway.

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  • Victoria Fashion Week

  • spinnerlys
    Nov 17, 11:36 PM
    3D modelling and rendering software.

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  • GGJstudios
    Apr 14, 03:26 PM
    This should answer most, if not all, of your battery questions:
    Apple Notebook Battery FAQ (

    Nov 3, 08:10 PM
    Ok i thought i would start this thread just so we can have a list of must have free apps, mainly for the newbies, but also for the oldbies to share the ones they already have...

    my must haves are

    MacStumbler (
    (finds Wireless Networks)

    I have found Kismac superior.

    Dec 31, 10:05 AM
    Picture. Gallery.

    Mar 24, 07:07 AM
    I have an airport express base station, that connects to a modem (NOT wireless) through firewire, which is connected to the internet.

    Will PS3 work with airport express? Will I need to use a different router to make it work?

    Apr 6, 11:17 PM
    Nice, sleek, good baseball team. Red Sox Nation!!!!

    0-4!!!!! Go Rangers 6-0!!!!!!

    Oct 31, 09:33 AM
    Appleinsider called this correctly then, I wonder if this will be the top selling iPod model this Christmas.
    I think that it will be very popular this season. Here's why:

    - It's relatively cheap. Almost a stocking stuffer.

    - It's small and cool looking.

    - It's very convenient with the built in clip for those who commute, and of course for those who use it while exercising.

    - A simple design compared to many other offerings on the market.

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