Monday, June 13, 2011

Peugeot Creates For The 408 Sedan Interactive Print Ad with an Inflatable Mini Airbag

This past February, Peugeot launched the four-door sedan variant of its 308 series in the Brazilian market as the new 408. In one of its first advertising campaigns for the car, the French carmaker wanted to communicate the compact-sized model’s safety features, namely the availability of six airbags with eight protection points.
Peugeot turned to the creative people of the Sao Paulo-based advertising agency Loducca who came up with an interactive print ad for the 408. The company used a supplier from China to create 50,000 mini airbags, which were then inserted in one of Brazil’s most reputable business magazines, the Exame.
Once the reader reaches the page with Peugeot’s advertisement, he is asked to “Hit this spot hard to find out why the new Peugeot 408 provides a lot more safety”. By doing so the mini airbag inflates and opens up a dual page advertisement.
The agency said it cooperated with the magazine to create a special cardboard package to keep the ad from being triggered accidentally. Watch the interactive print ad in action in the video bellow.

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