Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mazda Introduces Revised 2012 Demio with new SKYACTIV-G 1.3-Liter Engine

Mazda has just released a refreshed version of its Demio sub-compact car in its home market of Japan. The big news for the 2012MY Demio, which we know here as the Mazda2, is the introduction of the brand new “13-SKYACTIV” model grade equipped with a suite of fuel-saving technologies most important of which is the “SKYACTIV-G 1.3” 1.3-liter direct-injection gasoline engine.
The four-cylinder powerplant features a record high compression ratio of 14.0:1 and puts out 84-horsepower at 5,400 rpm and 112 Nm (82.6 lb-ft) of peak torque at 4,000 rpm. It is coupled to a standard Continuously Variable Transmission and according to the Japanese norms, it’s fuel economy is rated at 30km/lt (equal to 3.33 lt/100 km or 70.6 mpg US).
The Demio 13-SKYACTIV comes equipped with an improved i-stop (start and stop) system and unique to this model aero-parts such as an engine under cover and a rear roof spoiler to control airflow above and below the body. Other bespoke features include a blue metallic engine cover, blue headlight rings and an exclusive rear badge.
On the more gimmicky side, Mazda developed a system named i-DM that monitors the movement of the steering wheel, accelerator and brake pedals, as well as the vehicle speed, to inform the driver about his skills through a gauge and colored lights on the dashboard. “The score from each trip is used to calculate a driving skill level, from Stage 1 to Stage 3. By progressing through the stages, drivers can feel that their driving skills are improving,” says Mazda.
Regardless of grade, all 2012 Demios feature increased body rigidity, retuned dampers, and improved bush characteristics for the rear trailing arm mounts, plus a new five-point grille and redesigned seats.
Mazda began taking pre-orders today for the facelifted Demio with first deliveries scheduled for June 30, 2011 Prices in Japan range from 1,149,000 yen to 1,621,750 yen (~US$14,400 to $20,300).


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