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kelley limp real world new orleans

kelley limp real world new orleans. chris paul dunks on dwight
  • chris paul dunks on dwight

  • JustMe74
    May 6, 11:20 AM
    How do I do it?

    I have both an iPod Touch and an iPhone; currently set to sync the music to the iPod and the apps to the iPhone. When my new iMac arrives, how do I move everything over? I have the library consolidated to one folder on my PC.

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  • Eric Vance Kelly

  • kirk26
    Apr 7, 08:40 AM
    Why all the negatives? Patches are a good thing.

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  • Deanna Durbin amp; Gene Kelly

  • DeusInvictus7
    Apr 13, 09:25 PM
    Just changed mine to this :)

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  • The World of the Play

  • Prom1
    Mar 23, 06:53 PM
    Serlet, is a pure (if you will) technical computer engineer... He get enjoyment about scientific computation, advanced algorithms, multi-threaded efficiency. The guy was nicknamed the "mad scientist" by Jobs himself, not because of his appearance, but because of he advanced studies in engineering and scientific computation.

    He's like the man in the tech French community.

    I can understand why he may want to leave, he's been gradually selling off his stock of Apple in recent years as well, so this makes sense.

    Apple is more iOS then OS X and since Forstall heads the iOS development, there was no viable way Bertrand could have stayed on when Apple decided to merge the OS's.

    I say it's a big loss for Apple. Though Craig should be a pleasant transition, and maybe a more frequent keynote speaker, since he's more understandable to the public.

    Serlet will be missed. He's pretty much one of the Core brains behind OS X

    I completed agree - except the part about being understandable. The ENTIRE audience got many of his jokes with Vista at the Leopard announcement and even with Snow Leopard. Just cause your ears cannot focus out the intricacies of a slight french accent doesn't mean the generic public cannot.


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  • rikers_mailbox
    Oct 5, 08:50 PM
    Those Safari updates? I would expect no less!!

    If Safari didn't at least keep up with FireFox, then shame Apple. At best Safari should innovate just as much as Apple claims. How about CoverFlow for cached pages?

    kelley limp real world new orleans. Chris Paul (G - New Orleans)
  • Chris Paul (G - New Orleans)

  • Moyank24
    Apr 24, 01:05 AM
    How very original for you to say that. It doesn't make all of my decisions. It doesn't do my thinking for me. I make my own decisions, I just happen to agree with a lot of what this "2000 year old book" says. This is one of those times where I agree.

    This is how I feel about this whole "gay" thing.
    Verse 22

    Instead of saying how you felt, you linked to a passage from the bible. So in this case, you are letting the book do your thinking for you.

    22 ��Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.

    As a lesbian, I take this passage to mean that having sex with a man is detestable. So, what you're saying is that you find it detestable for a woman to have sex with a man? Lesbians everywhere thank you for your support.


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  • Family Bible, New Orleans East

  • Appleind
    Nov 13, 05:39 PM
    Does MacRumors support an app like Tapatalk or is there an app through which I can login to MacRumors to write posts?

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  • Taken from Slaine#39;s new album

  • kbright1892
    Apr 7, 10:16 PM
    Veyron SS


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  • season of Real World.

  • Jolly Giant
    Apr 25, 05:49 AM
    If I delete one playlist, will it also delete its content in my music library?


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  • this new story has the

  • mpossoff
    Feb 10, 09:09 AM
    As my previous noted, call ATT to make the change until they fix the website process...go to your online account and you'll see the + delineation beside A-List Nation 700 as my attachment shows as of today.

    Called there is no such thing as 700 nation a list. What plan are you referring too, individual or family plan? We have family plan.


    kelley limp real world new orleans. Kelly, in a feat of admirable
  • Kelly, in a feat of admirable

  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 30, 10:23 AM
    And you seem to only believe that there is only one company can provide Apple it's components?

    There are loads of them.

    And look at what Apple are doing with screens - they are sourcing parts from multiple companies to make the numbers. Which is exactly how Samsung will be taken apart if needs be.

    However, that won't happen anytime soon as Samsung are in cast iron contracts to supply. Samsung defaults, and it will be in a world of financial hurt, far more than pesky patent rows. It will be up against a multi billion dollar default that will make BPs payout in the Gulf look like small change.

    Oh again you have no idea how things work in that area.

    Even with Samsung in a contract Samsung can still "delay" shipments and if Apple ever needs a rush order... Well opps that not going to happen.
    When you piss off supplier or force them to do things it is when shipments become late, delayed and they are not willing to do anything that helps you out.
    From working in an industry that used supplier and contract I saw and learned what can and does happen first hand when you piss off your suppliers and the worse part is they can all do it with in the bounds of the contract.

    Samsung for example is going to be given so many days late on a shipment before punishment. They also will have a claus in there that accounts for some act of god happening and not getting punished, Japan earthquake for example has given them a pretty wide latituid to be a little late on shipments and receive zero financial punishment.

    Breaking the contract would more than likely only be a few million in punishment fees.

    Also as it has been pointed out before no one else can really pick up the slack. The entire market for those chips there has been a shortage for years. No one has covered that slack they are struggling across all company involved in production to keep up with the demand from multiple suppliers. Apple is less than 5% of the total market in what is bought up there. When you only are a buyer for less than 5% of the market that is in short supply you have zero control and does not mean someone else can even pick up the slack.

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  • New World Order,

  • Tmelon
    Apr 30, 10:07 AM
    Apparently there is a reading list hidden somewhere in Lion. Has anyone found it?


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  • skunk
    Mar 15, 08:00 PM
    too bad, i support the death penalty.Too bad indeed.

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  • The Real World [image]

  • Jill1228
    Jun 20, 01:59 PM
    There is already a thread here ( :)


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  • now,The Real World amp; Road

  • jent
    Feb 9, 03:31 PM
    The requirements for Unlimited Mobile to Any Mobile are the following:

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  • Real World Road Rules: Where

  • Iphone3gs
    Apr 16, 08:43 AM

    Is this site reliable.

    What are the top 3 ssd in terms of price,speed,reliability?


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  • weekend in New Orleans.

  • satcomer
    Mar 23, 09:59 AM
    Maybe he is getting out before the hyper inflation on the US dollar happens. :(

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  • Hilmi Hamidi
    Jul 31, 06:34 AM
    Er... New Zealand (and Australia, et al) will be in August before Japan.

    Still 35mins to go.

    O yea, the New Zealand...
    How can I forget that.
    Anyway here's mine. (
    Wallpaper (

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  • Silas1066
    Dec 28, 03:58 PM
    I have been working with Windows in a networked environment since the Lan Manager days (before NT 3.51)

    Back in the 1990s, NT was a good choice for small to medium-sized businesses. It was easy to deploy, supported a lot of software, and was less expensive than Novell (generally). Apple back then was proprietary, difficult to deploy in large environments, and few apps ran on Macs.

    Things have changed ...

    If you are using GPOs to deploy legacy or proprietary applications to your users, you better get with the times. This is and EVERYTHING in the enterprise should be web-enabled (database portals, CRM software, etc.). GPOs, as I have said earlier, are generally used to lock down users and to plug the many security holes in Windows networks, or they are used to deploy old crappy apps that can't be reached through a browser.

    I am sitting in front of a Mac right now at work. I have MS Office loaded on it for convenience, and I use a number of web enabled applications: Cisco utilities (UCM Manager, ASDM) SolarWinds, Norton Security Suite, and I reach my databases through a SSL proxy and specific web servers on the back-end.

    My Mac is connected to AD throught the Directory Utility. My Mac can do native SMB file sharing if needed.

    I could use a Ubuntu box if I wanted! Where in this environment (which is a pretty big one) am I REQUIRED to use a Windows machine? Why not get rid of the GPOs, the security sweeps, the login scripts, etc. altogether? This is 1990s crap!

    Apple completely overhauled their OS when they went to OSX: this is 21st century technology. Microsoft stuck with the old 32bit architecture that included a registry and lots of legacy code. Windows 7 is a bunch of ginger-bread running on old code. Even Linux blows it away.

    The days of the old tower running Windows sitting on the office desk are going away. We are moving to cloud computing, intelligent tablets (i.e. the iPad) and integrated communications (voice, video, and data).

    Now Apple's support of enterprise customers is another issue, and it does concern me that they discontinued the Xserve. I guess we will have to see how that all plays out.

    But this idea of "can't be done! the world only runs on windows!" is nonsense.

    May 5, 10:12 PM
    What kind of BMW do you recommend for a young bachelor business guy in a popular downtown location? I was thinking about the 3 series.
    There are a lot of 3-series around. Spice it up a bit, and get something a little more unique...

    Apr 4, 02:53 PM
    The terms of your contract have not changed.

    Does part of the contract talk about early upgrades and how much it will cost? If that has changed, then terms of the contract have changed.

    Mar 2, 04:34 PM
    I am excited.. ....... :(

    I am exited. :p

    Enough with 5Ps navel gazing, or lint collecting, or whatever??

    Jul 13, 04:46 AM
    You know when you start up your mac for the first time the music plays as welcome written in all those different languages goes by? Well does anyone know what song is playing during that? I really like the song and I was hoping someone maybe knows.

    May 3, 10:52 AM
    Hey I'm MobileMe.

    And I'm Google's Services.

    Hey, Google! Hear the good news? iCloud is here. And it's not going to have any of the problems MobileMe had.

    I feel I've heard this before...


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