Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • Corey Grandy
    Dec 26, 05:34 PM
    Occasionally my MacBook Pro gets a little uncomfortable and hot when I'm away from my desk, glad to have this now.
    Lots of awesome shirts, some plaids (not pictured), a great jacket and two shirts from DistrictLines as well.
    A bunch of games and whatnot. Guitar Hero II was something I actually never had and my mother came across it for $2 at Best Buy. Can't beat that deal.
    The coolest gift card ever.
    Parents had this poster mounted for me, all in all (poster and mounting) it was less than $20.
    And this is the grand finale. I had never wanted to drop the money on an iPad, but I always wanted to try one out. I absolutely love it. Hopefully the 3G won't cost too much ;)

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  • savoirfaire
    Aug 29, 02:16 PM
    Does anybody know of a piece of music i could use for my slideshow?

    The sideshow contains picture of a camping trip in the summer holidays.

    Thanks people.

    For me, Holiday Road from National Lampoon's Vacation is the quintessential road trip song, but I don't know if that works for your slides.

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  • Disc Golfer
    Jan 18, 12:44 AM
    Yo my fu<kin dick is bigger and cheaper, line up you ****in idiots.

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  • maverick808
    Jan 9, 03:17 PM
    This is the first MWSF in years where there is not a single product, hardware or software, that is ready to ship today.

    It's so dissapointing that there was no Leopard, iWork, iLife, not to mention the lack of any actual computer hardware updates.

    Like others have mentioned, I care little for AppleTV and a phone that might not be available to buy where I live (UK) for nearly a year. Don't even know why he bothered mentioning a product that won't be ready to ship in any region for half a year, much less spending 90 minutes of a keynote on it.

    Worst. MWSF. Ever.


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  • SwiftLives
    May 4, 02:21 PM
    But what if torturing a person who is involved in the plans of a terrorist attack could prevent thousands of deaths?

    Torturing would never be a good action, but it is like killing someone to defend yourself, killing is bad, but the result of killing saved your life.

    In the case of torture, it is the government defending its people (country). If it can be avoided better, but I would rather authorize torture instead of letting attacks happen.

    EDIT: As with everything, every single case needs to be analyzed separately.

    But there is absolutely no guarantee or, to my knowledge, no proof that torture results in any useful intelligence whatsoever. And killing someone to save your own life is defending yourself. Not sure how torture could ever be considered an act of self-defense.

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  • gauriemma
    Nov 20, 03:26 PM
    I want a device the size of an ipod that I can check my mail on, chat, and do some web-surfing for info, all without the ridiculous GUI deformities of windows mobile and treo, etc. and simple, easy to use hardware to back it up. I want to take it out of my pocket, see what I want, then put it away. Seamless integration with my macs as well.

    Geez, dude. Relax a bit. Read a book, do a crossword, eat lunch in the park and listen to the birds. Why do people feel like they have to always be "on" and instantly accessible? Value the time you have that's your own.


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  • hotshotharry
    Mar 15, 01:07 PM
    supports these models as well ( for leopard )

    PC Card Models - U730, U740
    ExpressCard34 Models - XU870, X950D
    USB Model - MC930D, MC950D

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  • Slix
    Apr 27, 04:30 PM
    Nicely done Steve and Scott. I liked the last line Steve said.


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  • iApache
    Aug 6, 12:30 PM

    Wallpaper please? Thank you.

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  • harrymerkin
    Aug 4, 08:43 PM


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  • rgarjr
    Apr 30, 11:38 PM
    Magic mouse FTW

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  • planetwave2000
    Dec 28, 02:05 AM
    What's up guys? Now that Christmas is finally over until next year. Please show us some photos of what you've got for Christmas. Instead of asking Santa for Apple products this Christmas, this is what I've got. Pretty cool.......:)


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  • Dr.Didg
    Oct 24, 01:29 PM
    Not sure about any specials. All I have read is about 500 T-shirts for those who get it.

    I am not sure if I am going to go to the Burlington store or Cambridgeside yet. I work in Cambridge, so its easy. But then again I was one of the original workers of the Burlington store. :confused:

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  • clibinarius
    Apr 7, 09:51 PM
    No Solaris? Extreme dislike. One of the hardest games ever made, and addictive and fun.


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  • Soulstorm
    Mar 24, 07:07 AM
    I have an airport express base station, that connects to a modem (NOT wireless) through firewire, which is connected to the internet.

    Will PS3 work with airport express? Will I need to use a different router to make it work?

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  • gorbitron
    Jun 18, 06:05 PM
    I'm planning on getting there as early as possible. Since the store opens at 7, I was thinking around 3 or 4. Anyone else gonna be there?


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  • Hilmi Hamidi
    Aug 8, 12:19 PM (

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    Feb 27, 09:25 AM
    Not really IMO.

    If you're just going to be doing doodles and personal drawings on your spare time, than maybe. But otherwise, it lacks a lot of industry required features to make something that's ready for print media or online.

    And there's the price tag difference, which should explain a lot.

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  • Anuba
    Jan 10, 04:12 PM
    So whats your opinion, personally i think it was to focused on the iphone...

    I hate these keynotes with a passion and always wish someone would napalm all the smug brainwashed idiots in the audience constantly applauding Steve "Hitler" Jobs like he was deity... ooh look a button, this calls for a standing ovation... creepy freaks. But enough about me.

    I thought it was pretty underwhelming. Even though the iPhone appears to be a very cool and well designed gadget, the battery solution blows (short life + non-swappable) and 4/8 GB is a joke. Initially it seemed everyone was drooling all over the screens, but after the excitement had settled down I guess it wasn't so hot after all. For some reason it gave me flashbacks to that Keynote where he showed that god awful Motorola ROKR phone with built-in iTunes, with all these old geezer CEOs from various third parties making awkward fish-out-of-water appearances and stuttering their way through written notes... but yeah, I guess people who were looking forward to Leopard would feel kind of miffed. Myself I don't get very excited over point releases, call me when they have OS11 ready.

    Apr 1, 11:14 AM
    Heres mine for April

    Apr 25, 03:51 PM
    it's not like the new android phones are so much better than last year. so far the only dual core ARM Core A9 phone is the Motorola Atrix and it wasn't that good. The VZW Thunderbolt is last year's CPU with LTE. My HTC INspire 4G is the same CPU as the Thunderbolt with HSPA+ and the iphone 4 beats it in uploads

    *keeps on wondering if the US of A is the only country with a modern tech mobile phone embargo*

    You have heard about the LG Optimus Speed or the Samsung Galaxy S2, haven't you? Aren't they available in the US, because I can order them on Amazon Germany now just one click away!

    Nov 20, 04:20 PM
    It's for when you install Boot Camp. ;)

    Anyway, as much as I'd love to see a truly "smart" phone, I'd be (pleasantly) surprised if Apple's able to do so with their first release.

    Since it is the microsized version it will be called Bootie camp!

    Jan 10, 05:49 PM
    well, i'm just about to buy a Jetta Sportwagon Diesel. This model wasn't updated but still remains the only station wagon with decent space, price and gas mileage in the USA. I would go for a Passat but it's too big for our driveway and no Diesel Wagon available.

    The car market here just plain sucks. There are not many useful models available. Mostly gas guzzling garbage or expensive luxury trash SUV's. Well each people gets the cars that they deserve..........

    Mar 22, 02:40 AM

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