Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dacia Duster SUV New Hot Design

Following in the footsteps of Elia, German aftermarket specialists at Eibach and Giacuzzo Design teamed up to create a tuning package for the Dacia Duster SUV. The two companies opted for light modifications in order to stick to the basic character of the Duster and to make sure the price of the tuning package would remain affordable for the car's target group.
An expert in suspensions, Eibach fitted the car with its Pro-Kit Performance Springs, which lower the ride height by 30 mm to improve handling and provide a more aggressive stance. Giacuzzo Design then took over and fitted the Dacia with 20-inch Shark wheels made by Alutec. The rims are painted in black and white and are shod in wide Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires (245/35R20). The tuner takes great pride in the fact that the wheel-tire combination is one of the largest ever seen on the Duster. However, we're not convinced they are the right choice for this type of car, but tastes differ.
Moving on to the front end of the car, there's a bull bar made of polished stainless steel with the company claiming it's "constructed to provide optimum pedestrian protection". We can’t vouch for that, but it surely fits the car's off-road character. Similar bars are fitted to the rocket panels, while the lower part of the rear bumper has been modified to accommodate a double-end rear muffler made of polished stainless steel.


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