Wednesday, June 1, 2011

cool snowboarding tricks

cool snowboarding tricks. TransWorld Snowboarding#39;s
  • TransWorld Snowboarding#39;s

  • rhett7660
    Apr 7, 04:38 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Awesome. Some might be Coleco exclusives, but I'd probably buy these if available:

    Burger Time
    Keystone Kapers
    Mouse Trap
    ZaxxonRiver Raid
    Empire Strikes Back
    Kool-Aid Man (lamest game i can remember, but so funny)
    Donkey Kong Jr
    Bumper Jumper
    Yar's Revenge
    Missile Command

    Zaxxon was a great game!

    Frogger was Konami, however it was licensed to just about everyone at the time. Or so it seemed.
    Missle Command is included in this Atari release isn't it?

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  • wfj5444
    Mar 7, 11:33 AM
    While not a meetup per-se, I plan on being in line around 3:15 right after work.

    Anyone else? Oh I am sure there will be :D

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  • Darth.Titan
    Apr 18, 08:44 AM
    That means that the browser cannot find a picture where the website says there should be one. It's like a "file not found" indicator.

    It's the fault of the website, not your computer.

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  • quot;Shaun White Snowboardingquot; is

  • mac.copy
    May 6, 01:02 AM
    ifixit says it's a Sony Optiarc. See:


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  • gnasher729
    Nov 19, 04:19 PM
    So is this guy going to write to Steve Jobs every time he finds an iPad on eBay for $100 less than retail? How about 1� auctions?

    On that subject, w can't show their TV adverts in the UK anymore, as they are misleading their customers.

    Another point... I expect that TJ MAXX just bought up a bunch of the Refurbished iPads and is taking a $50 loss on each to get people in the stores.

    Selling refurbished iPads as new _would_ be illegal. And I'd be curious where they would have found refurbished iPads.

    Is this specific to iPad and iPod? The standard warranty most certainly transfers, since I have bought a Powerbook long ago on CraigsList and used the warranty to get repairs.

    You'd have to check what warranty Apple gives voluntarily, and what warranty they are required to give by law. Whatever they give you voluntarily, they can set the rules. They are probably fine with people buying Macs and selling them a year later used (that's actually good for Apple because those people then have cash to buy a new Mac), but don't like unauthorised resellers (because they make Apple's authorised resellers unhappy).

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  • Daveway
    Feb 14, 10:42 PM
    back to the users..

    Ahh yes. The ones for whom without, the forums would be nothing. Power to the people. We hold the forums by the balls. If we wish to bring the forum to its knees, we could. If we want to make it the greatest forum on the web, we could. :p ;)


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  • dethmaShine
    May 1, 08:25 AM
    I have no idea. That's how it's always been for me. I assume it uses the plist converter from Xcode. What versions are you running? I'm using path finder build 1045, Xcode build 4b33a, and OSX build 11a444d.

    Ah well, I don't have Xcode installed on my macbook. It's installed on my iMac. Maybe that's why it isn't using the strings converter from Xcode.

    I'll check it when my iMac comes after repairs.

    Somebody must do a grep in PrivateFrameworks or root (/) to find more instances of the same.

    sudo grep -r MobileMe / > ~/grepMobileMeRoot.txt
    sudo grep -r Castle / > ~/grepCastleRoot.txt

    I have found a lot of instances; may be you can decode them better through this strings converter.

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  • iSplode
    Jan 9, 03:26 PM
    I wasn't sure what to expect, and wasn't really wishing for anything in particular, so, I thought the Keynote was so-so. Great features on the iPhone, but, why announce it 6 months in advance after so much hype? And why Cingular, possibly the worst phone company on Earth? And why is Yahoo necessary for email? Boy, I bet the contract for this phone will require that you hire a Lawyer with all these corporations providing 3rd party services. YUCKO!

    iTV was interesting, but, I just don't get it. A crippled, iTunes-only DVR for $300 that has only 40 GB storage?? Did I miss something? Does it do anything else but stream media? Didn't the Airport Express do that for half the price? Did you see the System Requirements just to use this thing?


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  • default159
    Apr 15, 09:07 PM
    So people keep saying that Bootlace is compatible with the iPod Touch 2g but no one says if its MB or MC, or both.

    I would just go ahead and try it, but I heard Bootlace can brick your device if something goes wrong.

    so does anyone know for sure if Bootlace can be used on the iPod Touch 2g MC model?

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  • *LTD*
    Apr 20, 03:47 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8H7)

    I'm sure this data will be coming to a Keynote near you.

    The trend is your friend, and unless Apple can turn it around, the trend is clearly moving toward a marginalization of iOS.

    Not according to their quarterly results.


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  • Merthyrboy
    Nov 11, 10:21 AM
    Given the length of the original message and the terseness of Jobs' reply, it suggests that either he doesn't give a crap, or the iPad's virtual keyboard is a bit pants to type on.

    Or he was in the middle of a game of angry birds and decided to just send a quick reply so he could try and finish the level which he can't get 3 stars on

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  • Philalbe
    Mar 20, 09:28 AM
    Yes you are certainly charging way too little. My basic sites start at $500 and go up from there depending on what the client wants. Usually I charge it by the job and in some cases, there will be add on's and I usually charge $50-$75 per hour for that work. I have a few NPO's and for them I start my quotes to them at $300 for the job.

    From the sounds of this guy you're dealing with, I would just move on and forget him. Finish whatever you've started and end it there.

    Thanks again for the reply and the pricing advice. The MacRumors Design Forum is a very welcoming and supportive community. :)


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  • ibook30
    Sep 24, 05:12 PM
    I wouldn't be OK with this.
    After taking friends to clinics - seeing births - and some of the possible results ,,, I know at 18 I had no idea what I was doing. Thought I did, come to find out I was wrong.

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  • Jacobaduh
    Feb 11, 10:47 PM
    Alright so I jailbroke my iPod touch 3rd gen with 4.2.1 using Redsn0w, and installed cydia just fine, however while using cydia the iPod shut off unexpectedly, now as I'm trying to "Just boot tethered right now" the jailbreak gets stuck on "exploiting with limera1n". Help please?


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  • AdrianK
    Mar 27, 10:45 AM
    They only reason the seller wouldn't clearly state is was a picture from the outset was to deceive potential buyers. 'Nuff said. Hopefully they'll get booted from eBay and paypal for wasting everyone's time.

    Of course, whoever bids is a total moron, but no one deserves to profit off that.

    I've seen worse though. Like an iPad auction with the selling waffling on about how great the device is in broken English, then saying it included accessories, and ending with "the iPad is here with me".

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  • macse30
    Apr 20, 03:12 PM
    How do they track individual users to know that one person owns multiple devices?

    Marginalization of iOS!? That's some funny stuff. One company has more market share than all others combined and you talk marginalization. Full of hot air.


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  • Fiveos22
    Sep 30, 11:20 PM
    Let's kick this month off right with some excellent October desktops.

    As per before, ground rules apply.

    Monthly Desktops Guidelines:
    � For large images use [timg] rather than [img]
    � Use attachments when necessary so images don't disappear when they are removed from their source
    � When possible, include links to the full-sized original so others can download them. If you don't want to share, state that in your posts so others don't continue to ask for links.
    � When quoting a post with images, remove the images to reduce clutter

    Previous Iterations: September Desktops ( - August Desktops ( - June Desktops ( - May Desktops (

    I'll start with a photo-chop of my last photo (

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  • mw360
    Apr 29, 04:32 AM
    One of the patents:
    Mobile telephone capable of displaying world time and method for controlling the same

    An apparatus and method for calculating and displaying local time for a plurality of cities in the world. The apparatus includes a memory for storing Greenwich mean time (GMT) information for each of the plurality of cities. The apparatus sets a reference time and counts the time that elapses from when the reference time is set. The apparatus calculates a local time of a city selected by a user, which is based on a difference between the GMT of the selected city and the GMT of a present location of the apparatus, the reference time and the counted elapsed time. The reference time may be either a time set by the user or a system time acquired from a signal generated from a remote system.
    How can companies get patents for such trivial algorithms???

    Now I'm not a lawyer, but I do know that there's only one GMT. Cities don't get their own GMT. That's kinda the point of the G in GMT. If Samsung think that Apple is storing the "GMT of each city", and the "GMT of the location of the device" then they're in for some disappointment.

    On the other hand if they've patented a method for botching your alarms every time the clocks go back/forward they may be onto something.

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  • tigres
    Apr 7, 08:25 AM
    Should have never upped from 4.0. Safari and youtube are plagued with issues. Safari in fact rarely opens links on new page anymore.

    Surprised on how buggy it is.

    Apr 25, 10:35 AM
    Releasing this now is the dumbest thing Apple has ever done.

    I would think ousting Job's ranks a bit higher on that scale.

    Mar 21, 06:23 PM

    DJ OJ
    Oct 16, 07:27 PM
    Nothing Fancy, but Oh well.

    Feb 20, 12:03 AM
    Here's Mines (

    Apr 27, 07:43 PM
    It's easy: if you don't want anyone tracking you, then don't carry your phone (or other electronics) with you when you go out. We need to get back to the 70's and start installing more phone booths on street corners again.

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