Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2011 Dodge Charger SE V6

The Dodge Charger, one of the last American rear-wheel-drive sedan nameplates left in existence, has gone under the surgeon’s knife and come out the other side with few changes. Or so it seems. What you see here is a 2011 Dodge Charger SE, the one with the new 292 hp 3.6-litre V6. We’re possibly the first ones in the UAE, and possibly the GCC, to review one on local roads. And we are absolutely blown away by this car. Compared to the old one, this new model is from a different planet altogether.
You want aggressive front-end styling? Check. The Charger is angrier than ever. IT must be pissed off after starring in Fast Five.
You want others to look at you and your ego? Check. That 164-LED “racetrack” tail lamps will attract attention from miles away at night.
You want the feel of a premium Euro-luxury interior? Check. There are acres of soft-touch areas, on the dash, on the doors and even on the centre console. The next dumbass to say that Audi has the best interior would be lying, because the Dodge uses similar padding materials, and has less hard plastics than the Audi A5, at half the price!
You want spacious comfortable seats? Check. This Dodge has among the most adjustable driving positions, with a steering wheel that telescopes very far back. We believe the R/T gets sportier leather seating.
You want practicality? Check. Generous rear legroom, door pockets, a/c vents, padded doors and cup-holders. Only the tallest of people will complain of headroom back there.
You want cargo room? Check. The boot is sizeable, and will fit most needs. If you want more space, buy a 4×4.
You want other things? It’s all there too. Fuel economy, handling, acceleration, build quality and gadgetry are all pretty good for the most part. If you want even more, there are even juicier models higher up the model range, all much more affordable than equivalent European luxury cars. Indeed, this American car is now good enough to compete with the premium badges. The Charger is truly among the best cars in the worldright now. The only reason to not buy this car is if you don’t like small side-mirrors and you desperately want paddle shifters.


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