Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BMW 5 Series The Ultimate Driving Machine "Refuel"

The boasted back in the BMW. After more than a year playing with the "Joy" as the position of leading advertising, new marketing team in the German car again stressed the "The Ultimate Driving Machine" as the central brand positioning. The 30-second ad contains what many followers such as BMW - fast cars and big planes. No, the plane, which looks to be a Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker, not flying so close to the 5 that it could fill the cup of coffee guy. But the CGI is good enough to perform a visual trick.

Not much at all. Getting a story and message in the 30-second TV ad is not easy. But BMW and this ad agency, West Grey, doing a good job conveying a story of fuel efficiency.

Strategy: BMW's marketing head Dan Creed, who took over at BMW of North America a few months ago, is all about re-affirm "The Ultimate Driving Machine" as the Bimmer's main message. In New York Auto Show, he walked us to the front of the BMW stand to see a giant rendering of the ad slogan, which dates back to the early 1970s. At the event last year, there was a giant banner that proclaimed "Joy Driving." "We know there are a lot of joy in driving a BMW, but we'll show it in pictures and movies than to say it," said Creed.

It's worth noting that fun like this ad, the message is about fuel economy 5 Series', not horsepower. BMW tried to broaden the message to be more inclusive of men and women, and tells the story of investment in South Carolina plant that produces X3 and X5. But Creed also want to brand and cars to show a few feet when it comes to marketing and advertising. BMW remains an attractive brand, and premiere a stable driving machine. That should not be lost when telling a broader story.

BMW is kicking off a review for a new ad agency. This split with Austin-based GSD & M late last year. New York-based Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners Senecal produced last February's Super Bowl ad. West Grey, which already handles retail advertising and pre-owned BMW's since 2008, producing the ads and probably will get a crack at the whole Enchilada.

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