Monday, May 30, 2011

tegucigalpa honduras map

tegucigalpa honduras map. Honduras map
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  • iguanarama
    Jul 21, 10:24 AM
    I love that they do the video of the Nokia with the battery showing almost empty. :)

    tegucigalpa honduras map. Tegucigalpa, Honduras
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  • TheFreshPrince
    Sep 12, 07:25 AM
    Japan store down too. :rolleyes:

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  • DDustiNN
    Mar 19, 03:25 AM
    I can't believe how much smugness is in this thread. It almost makes me ashamed to call myself an iPhone owner.

    Sure, it is the best-looking phone on the market, but come on people... it's still just a phone. It costs the same amount as any other new high-end phone with contract ($199, which is what I paid for my RAZR 2 when it came out). The OP perceiving other people's difference in taste (they chose Android) hardly equates to "envy". All phones have their pros and cons, and people choose what they want accordingly. The fact that you even came to that conclusion of "they envy me" just contributes to how smug you are.

    It's great that you love your phone. I love mine too. But don't be so full of yourself... that's what gives iPhone owners a bad name, hence the stereotype.

    So again, it's a freaking phone... It's not a status symbol.

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  • bboucher790
    May 2, 10:44 AM
    You're tracking us wrong.

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  • OneMike
    Mar 18, 02:06 PM
    I have a Seido Spring-Clip, which shows off my phone more than some other cases. I don't know, I just can't picture some stranger coming up to me talking about how my phone sucks. Never had that happen.

    I did get inquiries about my phone from strangers, but always positive.

    I joke around with friends about it, but that's different.

    End of the day though, no phone is perfect. Buy what makes you happy. Everyone has different needs.

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  • eric_n_dfw
    Mar 25, 07:10 AM
    Was evaluating OPENSTEP 4.x and WebObjects for my employer back in mid 90's and was blown away by Project Builder and Interface Builder (the grandparents of today's XCode). So glad to see it's not only still around (in a fashion), but thriving! Buying NeXT (and Steve Jobs) back is the best decision Apple ever made.

    Vive la NeXT! Vive la OpenStep!

    A couple images from those days that made me start thinking about buying my first Mac (ended up with a B&W G3 400Mhz) because of the promise Rhapsody/OS X had. As I recall, the first one appeared at when the deal was being done - the 2nd a few days later. (and yes, those are my actual screen captures from Mosaic or whatever browser we had running back then!)

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  • VenusianSky
    Oct 6, 12:47 PM
    Before you pick a phone, pick a network.

    This was the funniest part of the fine print. Too bad for Verizon that the customers they lost to AT&T didn't pick the network over the phone. Instead of fine print, they should make that their slogan. Too bad it won't matter. iPhone trumps call quality.

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  • Mac Fly (film)
    Oct 19, 11:42 AM
    Split twice so that's 1600 shares now. $125K - you got him beat ;)
    So you only payed $1600 for them, and now they're worth $125,000. You legend!! Good luck..

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  • ABG
    Apr 7, 03:04 PM
    Just collected this...

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  • Tegucigalpa, Honduras

  • Warbrain
    Sep 12, 07:51 AM
    Isn't today the start of the Paris expo? So let's see...6 hours ahead of me here in Chicago...1 PM! They're updating it for the fact that the expo is up and running.

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  • aristotle
    Oct 1, 12:48 PM
    Still... Local people and conservation societies defended the building as a unique witness of the region's architectural development. It's not a particularly pretty building but it's certainly one with some history around it.

    But leaving the building to the elements with no maintenance is in my opinion wrong, immoral and a disregard of what property ownership should be about. My neighbours' house has an effect on mine and it's not just for myself why I keep our home well maintained and decent.


    In a way, it's like locking the door on your date and telling her "You don't have to sleep with me but you haven't got much of a choice". So yes, I actually see Jobs as a house-rapist.
    Wow. I suggest finding a phonebook and looking up your nearest therapist because you have major issues. House rapist? You are mental? You have gone bananas so I suppose that avatar suits you. I have no problem with people being good neighbours by not building an eye sore but ultimately those damn conservationists can stick their concerns where the sun does not shine because it is not their property and they would not have paid a single red cent to make that old house livable and earthquake safe. Everything has a life span and that includes houses.

    Those conservationists should have given up early on when the facts were presented about the costs of saving the house. They are just crazy busy bodies who are jealous of Job's wealth and expected him to spend money on a house that was not worth saving.

    You should realize that everything we have in the physical world deteriorates eventually and that things are not really what is important.

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  • marksman
    Mar 29, 04:53 PM
    This will be a real boon the Mac Developers... First it makes it easy for Apple to determine who is eligible, if you are in the App Store, you are in.

    Secondly when they announce the awards, the benefit to the developers will be more significant as people will be able to link right to them in the Apple App Store and download/install them.

    I think it will end up being a real good thing for those developers partake in it.

    I don't have much confidence in developers who eschew the App Store for their applications anyways, as in almost all cases it is a bad business move. I appreciate the business savvy of developers and companies who realize what a real advantage the app store model is, especially if you have a strong product.

    MMCC, excuse me if I don't buy that gross and volume of your niche has gone down with the introduction of the app store. It seems pretty much impossible that volume sold for products in your niche went down... Perhaps your volume went down, but what that most likely tells me is before you were better at marketing your product than competitors, but now given equal footing as others, people are choosing some competitors over you instead.

    The idea that your whole segment was moving 100000 units before the App store and now are moving 50000 units just seems impossible, unless something else effecting the segment happened. It is not because of the Apple App Store. Again though with your own words you used to capture a lot of volume off google adwords. Which means you were likely much more successful at marketing than your competitors because being successful on PPC is not easy for any product. I would focus on your product and its features and place in the market and see what you can do to improve your offering. Feedback from the users and the rest.

    Someone else is getting the sales you are not getting and the new sales as well. Figure out how and why.

    tegucigalpa honduras map. Tegucigalpa Honduras
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  • Flowbee
    Jan 12, 03:52 PM
    Equating destruction of physical property to turning off tv sets is a stretch.

    Obviously.:rolleyes: I was responding to the idea that is was somehow ironic (and funny) that such a low-tech device could disrupt such a high-tech show. There are many other low-tech ways to cause problems for exhibitors. You can't have an open, accessible show floor and protect against everyone's idea of a "prank." Exhibitors have to be able to trust that attendees, especially press credentialed attendees, won't make them look foolish in order to drive traffic to their blogs.

    Anyway, I hope you took notice of the real point of my comment:
    If pranks like these become more common, companies and trade shows will start to put severe restrictions on who's allowed to attend their events.

    That's nothing to laugh about.

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  • Popeye206
    May 4, 06:56 AM
    Great ad! but giving a sense that frequent upgrade is required

    Interesting.... I got the feeling from the commercial that more is coming soon, but I didn't see it as "upgrades" which implies costly.

    One of Apple's HUGE advantages over Android based devices is that all iOS devices can use the same OS and they all get upgraded at the same time. They need to tout this and I think that's basically what's coming when iOS 5 is released.

    tegucigalpa honduras map. Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  • Tegucigalpa, Honduras

  • Nekbeth
    Apr 28, 09:12 AM
    Thanks Knight, you are one of those who does helps no matter what, so I appreciate your patience, like Jethrotoe said. So, please don't take everything I typed and generalize it, because it's not for everyone. You personally look into the problem, ask questions about what's going on.. that is good !!, some other don't have your patience and throw in the typical sentence " Go learn fundamentals and come back" as soon as they see a basic mistake. So Patience I think is the right word to describe what's been going on here. It is actually a virtue and a basic one for a teacher to have.

    Back to the code, here is a photo of my connections (ignore canceBigtimer). What you say is true I don't know how NSTimer works entirely , just some parts, I realize that and it is one of the reason I postpone my timer for a future update (need to study it).

    You mention my two global variables, It makes sense that the timer does not stop because the variables are outside the method that creates the timer. is that whats going on?

    I have two timers, because, like I said.. I don't have full knowledge of timers. I know now that 1 timer is enough, even if I use two timers and start them at the same time, the log only shows 1 loop and the countdown in separate labels show e.g. 59 in one and 58 in another and so on.

    I got confuse because some other forums told me that I should make 2 timers.

    It's ok, I never ask for code, I leave that to the person. You have pointed out a big mistake on my part already and that is more than I can ask. This code is actually from a follow up tutorial in one of my books to learn NSTimer, the name of the book is "iPhone SDK Programming, A Beginner's Guide ", after the book explains everything and the code is working, it doesn't tell you how to stop it, reset it or add minutes to it, and that is why I wanted to complete what was left from this book.

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  • Full of Win
    Apr 29, 04:41 PM
    For the love of god get rid of the faux leather.

    Its so ugly. I hope there will be a hack that will bring some taste back to 10.7.

    tegucigalpa honduras map. Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  • Tegucigalpa, Honduras

  • adversus
    Apr 8, 01:02 PM
    It's still pretty ******.

    If I walk into a Best Buy and to buy a product that's for sale, knowing full well they have it in stock but they just want to "hold it" for something, I'd be pissed.

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  • drsmithy
    Nov 19, 07:46 AM
    AMD's 386 and 486 clones were always cheaper than Intel's, and they always at least matched the clock-for-clock performance of Intel's direct counterparts.

    But back in those days, Intel always had a faster CPU on the market somewhere. Eg: when AMD's 386s were at 40Mhz (vs Intel's 33), Intel had 486s. When AMD's first 486s came out, Intel had 486DX2s, when AMD's clock-multiplied 486s appeared, Intel had the Pentium. Etc.

    AMD having the fastest chip on the market - which they only did for about 50% of the last 5 years, despite their general dominance - is very much a blip on the radar.

    AMD have, however, often ruled the price/performance ratio at the lower, end, I'll grant - but in that market they have been plagued by buggy chipsets and cheap, low-quality motherboards. VIA has done more to hurt AMD's acceptance in the mainstream than Intel could ever have hoped to do.

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  • theelysium
    Dec 13, 01:13 PM
    Apple is not going to waste their time making a 4G phone for a network that is literally 35 grains of sand tossed out on to the US map.

    There is way too much hardware development, patent fees, marketing costs and other things to consider. Apple would not go through all those costs just for a measly 4G LTE network.

    This news is bogus.

    Take a look for yourself:

    Sep 28, 02:25 PM
    This house can be yours too for the low price of 399,999.99 (or 349,999.99 with a 10-year contract.). Of course, version 2.0 will be out in 12 months that makes this house obsolete.

    Mar 18, 10:51 AM
    That was exactly my point. I don't see why people care so much about what phone someone else has. It's only the Android folks that engage in this, I have yet to see an iPhone owner behave so pathetically.


    You're behaving pretty pathetically too. What are you trying to gain from this thread? The approval of other Apple fanboys? Or are you trying to make yourself feel better about your purchase?

    Take a look through the forums, and you'll find plenty of people 'behaving so pathetically' in plenty of threads. Including this one!

    FTR I have two iPhone 4's, a Nexus S and a LYNX 3D (SH-03C). There goes your theory that Android device owners are all too poor to afford an iPhone :rolleyes:

    Several things:

    Never had Angry Birds run at '2FPS' and I have the 'original Google phone'- a HTC G1. Runs nice and smooth on 2.2 (general usage and games). My iPhone 3G OTOH...

    Doing the same things (heavy web browsing, 1~2 hours of talk time, 1 hour of A2DP BT music streaming in my car) I get just under 1 days' battery life on both my NS and iPhone 4.

    As for the screen- less pixel dense on my NS obviously but in direct sunlight the NS's SAMOLED is way better than my iPhone.
    Love the 3D on my SH-03C. Mobile ASV on it is as good, if not better than, the iPhone's IPS technology.
    I gotta admit that my 4's screen is crisper. Shame they can't produce them all the same (my 32GB is pee-yellow while my 16GB is very white).

    You're either a balanced 'reviewer' or an Apple apologist (plenty of them here!). I'm leaning towards the latter. ;)

    Aug 7, 07:59 PM
    What school. I logged in under education and it is $649 for the 20".
    Apple is usually slow to update things like Education pricing etc.

    The Edu price will go down within a few days. :)

    Apr 15, 01:30 PM
    Looks uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time. iPhones have rounded edges as they're meant to be held in your hand for hours, if need be. Sharp edges would make that a less than ideal situation, I'd think?

    Jan 15, 03:02 PM
    1. Time Capsule - seems kind of cool. Would have to look into it a bit more, but the price doesn't seem too bad considering that it's an N-router and a hard drive. I would hope that Apple would also make the wireless drive work on older AEBS like they promised, but maybe that's crazy talk.

    2. iPhone/iPod Touch - Yay for the SDK, although I am a little perplexed about the locator thing. My Helio Ocean has had a google maps feature with a locator function since it came out in like April, and it's very exact in telling you where you are - none of this multi-block radius crap.

    The other thing is the paid update, combined with the updates being included on new, less expensive Touches. LAME. LAME. LAME. Apple should get reamed by customers on this.

    3. iTunes rentals/Apple TV2 - I think the rentals are ok - pretty much the same as pay-per-view, except should be a better selection. I like the option for HD. I do wish that the time frame was 48 hours, and I also wish that the movies came out on the dvd release date and not a month later.

    As for Apple TV2, I think it was a step closer toward making it useful. It really should just have a full browser and a dvd/blu-ray drive. The lower price is helpful, but keeping the 40 gig hard drive is kind of an insult.

    4. MacBook Air - What can I say? A comparatively weak processor, no graphics card, no user replaceable battery, soldered-in RAM, 80 gig iPod hard drive or $1,000 dollar SSD, mono speaker and $1800?!?! I'm not a fan of the fat bezel around the screen either. I do like the multi-touch, and I think the optical drive sharing with other computers is pretty neat.

    Overall, I have to say I'm disappointed. I am looking to buy two macbook pros but wanted to wait for updates. I briefly considered just going ahead and getting them now anyway, but decided not to. I am confused as to why Apple would come up with new tech and NOT put it in their pro line, but they'll have to sooner or later and I'll wait until they do.

    I don't think the disappointment is limited to whiners on these forums. Look at AAPL today - down over 6% since this morning.

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